Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I wanted to say thank you so much for your kind words about our engagement photographs, it really does mean a lot to us.  Also, a few asked about the jacket in the last photograph, it's from anthro and I can't seem to find it anymore on their website.  If I find any links to it, I will be sure to share.

I have a lot of photographs from the past couple of weeks...above are a handful taken in MA, VT and NH.  We finally got snow, but unfortunately it wasn't on Christmas Day!   We still had a really nice Christmas despite the fact we weren't able to get home to be with family {and no snow falling}.  We did LOTS of baking, cooking and eating.  I will have to post a few recipes! 

How was everyone's Christmas? 

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  1. Gorgeous photos!

    My Christmas was low-key for once, which was a very welcome change :]

  2. you guys are getting pounded!
    I really need it to stop so my bestie can get out of NY on thursday night to the bay area for NYE! I would be devestated!

    Intense xmas eve-were italian, so big seafood dinner, with alow key christmas day. first christmas with my doggie, he was so spoiled and overwhelmed I think he is still napping!

  3. Oh my word, these photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing, Carlee. :)

  4. I LOVE these pics. We had a White Christmas in Chicago too! I'm all for cold, snowy weather for the holidays! But afterwards ... I'm ready for it to warm up!


  5. The photos are beautiful!! So jealous of the snow :)

  6. LOVE your snow photos! And really love your engagement photos!!! You are stunning! That dress is VERY flattering!!!

  7. I have to say these are wonderful winter photos, even though I am getting tired of snow...

    Winter came early in Finland, already in ltae October and we still have three more winter months ahead of us... But it was still lovely to have a real white Christmas in my husband's parents stunnig house.

  8. The snow is so gorgeous! All we have here in Seattle is rain. So jealous!

  9. fabulous pics, what a send off - Boston is giving you the ultimate New England blizzard before you go back west. On that, do you know Dutch Door stationery in San Francisco -


    You probably already have ideas for your invites, but anyway..

  10. maybe a better link


  11. pics are great! we've been thinking about Boston for a vacation, it looks so wonderful!

  12. Looks like you will be having even MORE snow. More photos?
    Mary Ann

  13. That is a lot of snow! Hope you stay dry and warm! Enjoy, Kellie xx

  14. Beautiful images! I love how the snow makes everything look so magical!

  15. Sorry you didn't get snow in time for Christmas but glad you had a good holiday.

    Happy New Year!

  16. love the pictures carlee! i'm from boston so i got to experience the snowonder of these pictures as well!

    ps. i asked for a juicer this year and was SO EXCITED to find it under the tree. haha thanks for the inspiration!

    c of sweetseas.blogspot.com

  17. beautiful photos! snow makes everything so magic.

  18. great images - lovely to see the snow - just wish we had some but unlikely down under best le


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