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ny cheesecake.

I'm heading out to New York early tomorrow morning to bring in the New Year!  No better time then now to leave you with this recipe.  And, of course this is one of those "last bad things you eat before the new year" type of recipe....we still have time. 

Ingredients in order of appearance...

I thought I would take a photograph of the instructions for anyone who wanted to try.  This recipe comes from The Cook's Book.  I absolutely love this cookbook.  It's the perfect instruction manual for those learning how to cook. *click on image to enlarge.

Enjoy & Happy New Year!!!!


  1. double yum - and a happy new year too - are you posting by yourself now ... I have been away awhile and I thought there were two of you here ... but now I see it is you only posting - BTW you are a delight to read and I may just be totally confused :) best le

  2. looks and sounds delicious! I might give it a go!
    Have a great time tomorrow, Happy New Year! xo

  3. Those photos are yummy! I made a similar cheesecake from Barefoot Contessa's recipe and cannot stop eating it! Time to hit the gym for sure:) Happy new year girlie!!

  4. Yum, cheesecake is one of the few sweets I can never resist. Your crust sounds so good.

    Have a great New Year's Eve.

  5. I really love the bench and skirted table ... may have to make the table myself soon as we have barely any storage in our Chicago apartment!


  6. I love the way you set up the ingredients & instructions for this recipe. Very cute & functional!

  7. woo hoo! i spy organic valley milk!great choice! as a family farmer who sells milk to organic valley, thank you!


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