Per my last post, I'm back sharing more of our space!  Dining room is up.  If you want to call it a dining room... it's more of a dining nook?  Anyway, we recently purchased a table and cafe chairs which was life changing for this zone of our home.  Before we had a round bar table that worked in our Boston and SF home, but did not work in this space.  Every chair pulled out at a bad spot.  It was obnoxious.  Now we still are tight on space, but this table is much more functional.  The table also has leaves which is awesome for when we have more than a few people over.

This area in the house has a lot of raw/rustic wood going on and I plan to break that up soon.  We almost pulled the trigger on two end navy velvet chairs, but the space is actually too small for the chairs we were looking at.  Maybe some roman shades, maybe some bold cushions for the chairs, a rug, barstools (although it makes it even more tight on space- but, I do love being able to hang out on that counter when people are in the kitchen) there are a ton of options I would love to implement, but budget is an issue ;)

The table and chairs are also very close to the oversized upholstered chair we have in the living room, so adding too much more fabric in the space could be overwhelming.

Closer shot of the gallery wall in case you're interested.  A few antique prints we've picked up at the Alameda County Fair flea market, a shot of my mom from her modeling days (gifted to me recently which I adore), a few wedding pics, and a couple of amateur paintings done by yours truly.

Well, that's it on this space.  I'll share updates as we make more changes!  Be back soon with a small DIY I did recently for our bedroom.


Can't believe this is actually happening, but I am sharing a recent update in the house! I have been mentioning I would do this for about a year and have yet to share much of anything.  First of all, you can see the color of the walls in these pics for the main part of the house.  Remember my paint story?  The color I ended up picking was Marilyn's Dress by Benjamin Moore.  I still love it.  I wanted a very light gray that was cooler, and in my eyes, it's exactly that!

Also wanted to update on the post I did a while back on the drawing we picked up from the Marin Flea Market.  We had wanted to frame it and we finally did! The sailor who watches the living room. Really like the way he turned out:

This spot next to the fireplace once had a bench that we really couldn't sit on.  It was a waste of space.  Now, we have a cozy spot by the fire to kick up our feet and hang out.  Which we actually do and Chris is happy he has a spot for when, "I fluff up the sofa and chop the pillows and we can't sit down".  Like that ever happens ;)

Again, this is a work in progress!  There are still things I would love to do for this small space by the fireplace. The next step is to dip dye the stool I picked up at Target a few months back.  But, most of the items that have collected here are from around the house.  The white side table is a vintage find from a while back that used to live in our guest room - but it was not the right fit for the space, so I pulled it out so that I'd have a spot to rest my drink while hanging out.  The lamp was a score from Joss & Main.  The leather chair is a dining chair from Resto that was the perfect size for this space. 

Hope you enjoyed a peek into our place.  I'll be posting our dining space soon which is also a major work in progress!

Leaving you all with some pretty tulips & ranunculus that I had to snap while taking pics for this space:


It's almost Spring which means a lot of people will begin to clean/organize their homes. Myself included!  Now that we've been living in our house for a year, it's starting to get unorganized again in some areas.  We have one closet that when we moved in I said to myself that I would eventually start organizing...but, a year later and I have yet to start.  For the next few weeks I plan to organize areas of my home, and begin to start sharing some pictures of little updates we've done since we've moved in.  I mean, we aren't making any monumental changes, but we've done some painting, put up art, etc.  We still have some more things we'd like to do, well, I'm sure Chris is happy with how things are...but, I have some updates I'd still like to do :)

Also, when I first started blogging I did a lot of sharing of photographs of our home, but I noticed I stopped doing that.  I have become too busy, or, when I have free time I have enjoyed doing other things more, rather than shooting our house.  But, I think I'm coming back around and ready to start sharing a bit more again. Especially because I find it fascinating to look back in the blog and see how much my style has evolved!

Here are some organized areas that I have pinned lately that I figured might be inspirational to some:

this was once a closet, isn't it incredible what you can do with a small space?

If you're going to keep magazines for inspiration, I've always loved keeping them in magazine file folders:

Break up white file folders with baskets- this adds texture to a space making it more inviting. I like that one of the shelves is open and she displayed some personal art, again, this just makes what could have been a more sterile space, more casual and adds dimension. 

A large space like below is not needed to keep you office organized in your home (I don't think that a large population of people even have a home office)- but, you can take a shelf in a closet and stack some pretty boxes to store your paperwork, family photos, office supplies, gift wrap, etc.  again, going back to the keeping a space inviting, here they did that with colored storage.

When it comes to closets, there a lot of us that are not blessed with a ton of space (myself included) and this is when we must become even more creative.  I think sometimes it's hard to look at images on pinterest, magazines, etc. and not feel defeated when thinking about your own closet.  This can lead into the...  "if I had that much space my closet when be organized", or, "their closet only looks like that because they have the means to to bring in a professional to do it for them".  I think even in the smallest spaces, and on the smallest budgets, you can make a closet functional.  Typically the first thing to do: purge as much as you can!  I'm happy to also start sharing more images of how I keep my one side of the closet organized.  Not saying it's perfect, but it works for now.

Speaking of budget friendly closets, Jenny from Little Green Notebook transformed an Ikea Pax Unit into a gorgeous closet:

Here is another area of a home that can be difficult to organize if you don't have the space. We have a very narrow entry hall that is practically impossible to make functional because of the width. I finally put up a mirror and plan to add some hooks, but again, the less space, the more challenging it becomes.

I've been leaning towards these hooks from West Elm for our entry, but can't decide I'm willing to commit to the anchors.

They really took advantage of the space they had here:

There are many more images I'd like to post, but I'll save them for later.  Here is the last one. They truly maximized their space!

I'll be back soon with updates from around the house/organization projects.  If you plan to organize this spring, would love to hear about the projects you plan to tackle!


The wonderful people at Tieks reminded me that February is American Heart Month.  I know I've heard that heart disease is the number one killer of women in the past (more so than all cancers combined) but I feel like I've never really considered looking into how to prevent heart disease (which I should because not only have I lost loved ones to heart disease, but this means it also runs in my family).  If you're curious if you're at risk, the American Heart Association has posted the risk list here.  You can find tips to prevent heart disease here and for the list checkers, there is a prevention list here

One heart disease prevention tip I've always known is to cut back on stress (always easier said than done). I am trying to find time to chill out. Chris and I recently made our way out to the beach and actually had a very relaxing- stress free day. We really need to make more time to do this!

Last thing- Not sure if you knew this, but Feb 7 is "Wear Red Day" to help spread the word on this silent killer.  I will definitely be wearing my Cardinal Red Tieks to support & I'm not trying to push you to do anything you don't want to, but feel free to rock your red if you feel so inclined ;)


Happy New Year, everyone!  I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted.  This is by far the longest I've ever gone.  Actually, during the Holiday Gift Guides I had several more I wanted to get up- but got sick, and then the Holidays came, and then Chris got really sick, and then work got busy, and then, and then, and then. Anyway, it's been way too long and I'm going to find time to post again.  I miss it terribly.  In no specific order, here are a handful of pics from my i-phone of the last few months.

made cinnamon log cookies- hardest cookie to make, ever.
treehouse family is building (complete with bathroom! can't wait to get the final pictures from my Aunt once she decorates this place!)
sailboats in our neighborhood
wine country
annual batch of peanut butter blossoms
monkey bread
a new favorite clutch that Chris calls my "pencil pouch" (also have been obsessed with this blazer this season- looks like it's not only on sale, but the website is 40% off right now on top of that)
got the sailor framed and he's up!  need to take pics of that (btw, the flats are another BR find that are so comfortable and remind me of the classic chanels- also would be 40% off with the code)

We also got the go ahead to paint a few months ago.  It was very exciting.  The entire place is painted and I will need to share pics soon.  By the way, I was a painters WORST nightmare.  I came home during a lunch break from work to "check in" because for some weird reason my gut told me to (at this point our guest room and bedroom were already done and I  we were happy with the colors).  

As they had just finished our entire living room/kitchen in a coat of BM's classic gray (I had tried this color on my walls in multiple lights and different locations and liked it a lot), I walked in and froze.  Quietly looking around.  They knew immediately I hated it.  I felt horrible.  I didn't know if I should just suck it up and be the nice gal, or speak up then and be much happier later.  Ultimately, I ended up speaking up and I'm glad I did.  I ran to the paint store and grabbed another grey that I hadn't tried.  I walked around the paint store with the swatch like a crazy person holding it up in different lighting-asking the store employee his thoughts the entire process apologizing for being so obnoxious and telling him "I'm sure this happens all the time, right?  People freaking out over colors?"  Obviously looking for him to reassure me that I was not losing it.

He then told me, "don't worry, this happens all the time, I've watched people have full on meltdowns in this store, crying and all".  By the end of our therapy session I was patting myself on the back for actually being totally normal and not one of the people he would label as crazy (although we all know he was thinking this chick is totally crazy the entire time).

I walked out of the store 10 minutes later with 2 gallons of paint in my hands.  Came home, dropped off the paint, sprinted back to work, with no clue how it would turn out.  I just prayed it wouldn't be as bad as the last color.

When I got home I was so stoked with the color.  I am beyond happy I went with my gut and wasn't too scared to speak up.  Have you ever done something like that?  Were you happy you did?

Well folks, it's good to be back.  And I hope to be posting again very soon with diy projects, paint updates, organizing projects, etc.  

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


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Back with my second gift guide!  Above are some of my all-time favorite beauty picks that would make awesome gifts-  as well as a few items on my wish list.  That brush is expensive but I hear that people swear by it!  Also, the SK II product is another pricey one...but, I met someone recently who had gorgeous skin and attributed it to products by this brand (I hear the same thing about La Mer but I haven't been able to stomach the price tag yet!).  The lip treatment, all natural deodorant (that actually works), dry shampoo, tweezers and eyelash curler would make lovely stocking stuffers.  Lastly, a subscription to either Birchbox or ipsy would be the perfect gift that keeps on giving for a beauty junkie ;)
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