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deliciously organized 2010 {a few of my favorites!}

In January, a little paper was added to dress up a medicine cabinet:
In February, the 10 habits of Highly Organized People were discussed {I should re-read this!} and a spring makeover in the bedroom:
In March, I finally tried the mercury glass!
 and there was a series on getting organized, including organizing your health
 In April, we had a beautiful Spring her in Boston and I made a skirted table
 In May, we got engaged!
In June, fresh strawberry butta and organic body scrubs were made
In July, the bench got a makeover
makeup brushes got organized...

and lastly, a trip back to California...
In August, we finally made it to Martha's Vineyard
and made a very easy go-to meal
In September, I met some wonderful bloggers
& made a trip to Montreal
In October, I tried making apple crisp and apple pie
In November, the bedroom got a little fall makeover
and in December, I thoroughly enjoyed making these ornaments!
thank you so much for reading in 2010!  it would not be the same without you all!
can't wait to see what 2011 brings~

happy new year!!!!
anyone doing anything fun tonight?!!!

*Striped Storage Boxes were originally purchased white from IKEA and then gray paint was added to create stripes


  1. Happy New Year....looking forward to what this new year brings to you!

  2. You've had a really productive year-and exciting with the engagement! Get ready for a lot traffic coming your way this month, doesn't everyone feel the itch to get organized at the beginning of a new year? I know I do.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I loved every single one of these post, thanks! Happy New Year! xo

  4. love your blog! Where did you get those white/brown/stripe and polka dot boxes? (the picture after the mercury glass)

  5. What a lovely recap! Your blog has definitely been one of my top favorites this year. :)

  6. What a fun year in review.

    Wishing you a joyous 2011!!!


  7. Just discovered your blog -- I've been browsing though, and am looking forward to reading more! Now following along!

    Happy New Year!

  8. What a great roundup! Since I'm new to your blog, I'm going to have to go back to some of these to see what I missed this year!

  9. Seeing how much you accomplished in 2010 - I can't wait to see what you do/share in 2011.

    Happiest of New Years!
    xo Elizabeth

  10. Happy New Year.
    Inspiring images here.
    Is that photo of Tahoe, Ca?? I lived there for 1 year, it's a paradise.

  11. Sounds like a great year. Thanks for sharing a recap!

  12. Wow quite a wrap up and busy year! California, Martha vineyard AND Montreal. Just amazing! Happy New Year!

  13. what a year it was for you! Happy 2011- when do you move back to CA?

  14. Wow! photographs looks great. I love so many things, especially all the pops of color throughout and organized it well.

  15. I love all of these and the recap! Hope your trip to CA went well. So sad you are gone! hope to see you soon though :)

  16. I love the gray and white striped boxes. Where can I get them??

  17. Hi! Just found your blog and am lovin' it! I'm a New England girl (NH to be exact) living in NJ and can't wait to get back up to my little state. Hopefully we'll be living in the Portsmouth area in the coming years! Looks like you're enjoying Boston:) Anyways - just wanted to let you know I added you to my daily loves on my blog - especially loving all the office inspiration!

  18. Love love love your blog! and where did you get those striped storage boxes I NEED!!! : )

  19. I love your 2010 roundup! I might have to be the same! Though knowing me, it will be mid-March before I get to it...then it's too late. :)

    Happy weekend!

  20. really great ideas! LOVE your blog!

  21. These photos are so inspiring! I adore your blog and will definitely be back.


  22. So happy that I stumbled on your blog!! I absolutely love it! Great job!


  23. For someone like me who is new to your blog this post was great! Thanks.

  24. What a beautiful organized year!! you inspire me!

  25. LOVE your blog! I too am an organizer nut (but minus the money to make it look this beautiful!) Can't wait to explore your blog! Stop by anytime!

  26. Oh I love the chevron platter! Where is it from??

    {I am obsessed with all things chevron, in case you can't tell! ;)}


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