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Now that we are settled in our current digs, I've been searching for the perfect address stamp with my new last name & our new address.  I'd love for it to be nautical keeping with the theme of our town/neighborhood. 

First up, is the pelican stamp.  It reminds me of Bodega Bay where we got hitched & it still works in Marin County/Tiburon: 

adore this stamp by local gal over at pretty chic sf (also this print is calling my name for our future gallery wall- I have yet to hang art/photos in our house...)

this stamp is beautiful- love how it incorporates the last initial with the graphic

Lastly, although I've always been a huge fan of the stamps (they are quick, easy & last forever in my experience) I'm also entertaining the idea of an embosser.  Does anyone have one?  Do you like it? 

the question is: which one if your favorite from the above choices? 


  1. I love the stamp with the seahorses. It is fancy but still keeps with the theme.

  2. I think the anchor address stamp is very elegant!

  3. I have an embosser and love it, but wouldn't recommend it for daily use. You have to pull out the machine, load the cartridge and then stamp with all your might. I use mine for special mailings- invitations, etc. I like the seahorse stamp best! Cute options.


  4. I love the nautical one! Thanks for posting this...I need a new stamp too!

  5. I love the nautical stamp. I'd totally buy it for myself!


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