Life has been busy the past few weeks which has left me no time to be creative, organize, style and shoot something pretty to post about.  Well...actually, that's not true, I did get to paint some peonies a little while ago which made me very happy.  I really want to find more time to paint again...

But- anyway, not enough time/creative projects to post any original content except re-post insta shots, or some really pretty bedrooms I saw on pinterest: 

Scallops, monograms...I rather be working from here today:

planning to find some free time to get creative asap.
and hoping you're all having a great week and finding some time for yourself- whether that be getting creative or just having some "me time".

p.s.  from now on I'm going to add a fun fact at the end of all posts.
see below for today's!  get excited...

fun fact: did you know that if you turn your i-phone horizontal in camera mode and click the + sign it works like a trigger to take pictures?

all photos from my boards


  1. I hope you find some time to get creative - that time is certainly important to feel motivated everyday :) You're so talented- love that painting!

  2. Love your peonies! hope you find more time to get creative:) And thanks for the awesome iPhone tip. I had NO idea.

  3. Love your little painting!
    I have been itching to get out the paints too.

  4. Love the gorgeous monogrammed bedding!

  5. I love your painting! Peonies are one of my favorite flowers!

  6. being creative is so good for the soul- pretty painting!


  7. What a great decoration.This is a fabulous combination of color.



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