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There's only a few nail polish colors that make me actually look down at my nails and smile, and this color is one of them.  Essie Bahama Mama.  Just found out about it recently!  Some other bright color faves that I can't help but smile about: 1 & 2

And, yes.  Nothing like nail polish to transition this conversation over to Thanksgiving.  I was thinking the other day about what really makes Thanksgiving feel like Thanksgiving to me.  Besides having family there-  green bean casserole and sparkling apple cider always make me feel like dinner is complete.

I'm curious, what makes you feel like Thanksgiving is complete? 


  1. Besides family, pumpkin pie makes the day feel complete! Happy Thanksgiving. :)

  2. ooh, i have this nail polish and love it! i also love playdate by essie and anything glittery! i think eating with my family makes thanksgiving feel complete more than anything :) happy thanksgiving to you!

    1. i need to look up playdate! thank you for the heads up ;)

  3. First, LOVE that color. I just might go out and buy it today!
    Secondly, family, turkey, pumpkin pie, and then all the siblings reminiscing and making fun of each other...that's definitely Thanksgiving. I LOVE it!

  4. This is such a wonderful color! I'm a huge Essie addict, and this shade is exactly what's missing in my collection!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  5. I have this one and I love it!!! Definitely my favorite fall color.


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