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This is about the time when I like to start looking at 2013 start, I thought I'd cover desktop calendars.  These are great for people who work in an environment where they have a desk, but no walls of their own to post a calendar (fabulous stocking stuffer!).  Although we all typically rely on a digital calendar to keep us organized, I still love to be able to see a paper version in front of me.  Call me ole' fashioned.  Here are some of my favorites...

first up, this dear hancock desk illustrations. very into the whimsical scenes of different desks:

this one is woodsy with a modern touch: 

 I've always be a fan of pixelimpress products- love the bright colors, pattern and elephants on this one!

this one is crisp and clean:

very fun preppy + modern one:

and lastly, this one is a little pricey but might need to end up on my desktop...


  1. Thanks so much for including our Monthly Definition Calendar! Great to be along side some of our favorites from Dear Hancock and 1Canoe2. Thanks again!

  2. there is something special about a calendar "in the real." i love technology, but it's refreshing to have the physical object in front of you...

  3. Thank you so much for this inspiration! I need to start looking for the perfect desk calendar not only for me, but maybe as gifts as well. I love the first one most!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  4. I have the second one right now and LOVE it. Have had the third one for the three previous years. Going to repeat 2013 with my current/woodsy one!

  5. hi carlee. thanks for including pixelimpress in your roundup! pam

  6. I love the calendar with the elephants! Too cute!

  7. Love that calender with elephant.Really awesome.



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