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this fall: is plum the new red?

Word on the street is plum is the hot new lip color for this fall/winter.  I've always loved a bright red lip for the fall/winter months, but being easily influenced by the September issues, I'll probably give it a whirl here and there.  That's not to say that my favorite red will go in hiding, I will never give up my red.  Love how it gives an ordinary outfit a pop, but looks like a pretty plum will do that as well!

Will you go plum this fall?  And if so, do you already have a favorite?

*p.s. this is also one of my favorite plums, and i'm hearing this plum is gorgeous and this one
*candle (one of my all time favorites) is found here, perfume here 
*i-phone pic


  1. oh this could be exciting! I haven't tried a plum lip yet, but it seems worth trying!

  2. No I'll stick with red. Plum looks scary on me. I love Russian Red too!

  3. I'm a plum fan so happy to see this.

  4. I love plum for fall-- too bold for my taste as a lipstick, but certainly for nail polishes, handbags, sweaters, etc.

  5. never worn plum lipstick before but it sounds like it'd be fun to try!

  6. Plum is fine BUT it is no substitute for red. Red is the new red,red is the old red,red is the only thing that can be red and that is it. Can you tell I have a definite point of view about red? It has been my favorite color since I was very small.I'm over 50 now.


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