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friday faves in the city: marine layer

This weeks friday fave in the city goes to...Marine Layer!  I found out about Marine Layer through a male co-worker months back.  I noticed his shirt one day (thinking Chris would like it) and asked him where he got it, which turned into a long conversation about "marge" (in between a medium and large) and "the softest shirt I've ever worn".  I ended up checking out their website and then later on visiting their cozy shop on Chestnut Street.
Here's the deal...they truly are the softest, most comfortable, delicious t-shirts, scarves, sweatshirts you've ever worn/touched.  Ever.  And they are made in San Francisco!  The company all started when the founder's girlfriend threw out his favorite worn in t-shirt (I'm so ready to do this with 90% of Chris' tees!) and from that point on he decided he needed to create a company that sold shirts that fit and felt like his favorite worn in tees.
Not only are their tees amazing, but so are their scarves!  I bought this infinity scarf a few weeks back and love it.  It is soft, warm, and our wedding colors (coral, navy and stripes).  Sold!

If you come to SF and need a souvenir tee, I highly recommend coming by this place!

 have a nice holiday weekend! 


  1. Love the scarf, it looks so comfy! Checkout my blog if you get a chance, I just wrapped up my final post on being at the Republican National Convention in Tampa!


  2. That Scarf is seriously adorable!! Love it and your blog!

  3. When I come to San Fran (we should attempt a coffee/lunch date possibly?!) in early November I will be headed here!

  4. There is nothing like a super comfy t-shirt or scarf...I will have to check them out!


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