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organize: your suitcase


When it comes to packing, I either nail it, or totally blow it.  My stint in Boston definitely helped me pick and choose what I needed for a week in California, keeping in mind the weather difference, going out, wedding attire, working out, etc.  But these days I'm not traveling near as far (we have two weddings in a row in Sept. but luckily they are both within hours from SF), and for near as long which means I don't have to worry about not checking or checking (Chris' biggest nightmare) so I have started over packing here and there.

At any rate,  I would say the best packing I've ever done is when  1. I make a STRICT list as to what to pack and 2. when I go super type A and organize my suitcase so that I can fit everything- that extra pair of heels is coming with us!

If you were really organized, you could print out a few of your favorite packing lists and keep them near your closet.  One for "snow trip" one for "beach trip" one for "wedding" etc. 

Real Simple had a very informative article in their July 2012 issue on how to pack, I've listed their tips below.  But before then, I will give you my personal faves:
  • roll every item in your suitcase- from your bathing suit down to your dresses
  • pack all shoes in cloth bags so you don't have to worry about them touching your clothes (or use the free shower caps that hotels give you)
  • use plastic baggies to separate your socks, unders, etc. and store them in the netting 
  • store curling iron and straightener on the inside edge of the suitcase 
  • all flats and flip flops in the outside pockets

Packing Tips from Real Simple

1. Line the bottom with a plastic trash bag. After you’ve packed, add another one on top. This helps fend off wrinkles. Plus, “if your luggage is off-loaded from the airplane in the rain, your clothes won’t get wet,” says Hannon.

2. Stash footwear and heavy stuff along the wheel base. Fill shoes with socks or bulky bangle bracelets, then put them in individual bags (splitting up pairs saves space), with the soles facing the sides of the suitcase. Rest other heavy items, like a hair dryer and a toiletry kit, next to or on top of shoes. “Placing these near the wheels stabilizes the bag’s center of gravity, so it won’t topple over when upright,” says Krantzler.

3. Lay the foundation. Start with tightly packed rolled clothing.

4. Build the second level. Layer folded dresses, pants, and skirts on top of rolled clothing. Alternate the sides that the waistbands are on so that the stack is balanced.

5. Move on to the third level. Add thick sweaters, jackets, and folded shirts.

6. Finish with the top level. Lay crushable items, such as a voluminous dress or molded bras. Stack bras flat so they spoon each other, and stuff the cups with socks. (Don’t bend molded bras in half—you’ll crimp the foam.)

7. Wrap belts around the interior frame of the bag.

8. Stock essentials, loose toiletries, and chunky costume jewelry in the lid compartments. Store delicate earrings in pill cases, and string dainty bracelets and necklaces through drinking straws, taping the clasps to one end. Then secure the straws in a plastic bag, says Poole.

9. Tuck leftovers—swimsuits, hosiery, underwear, scarves—into corners and any remaining nooks.

10. Store dirty laundry in large zippered plastic bags. Press the air out as you tightly roll each bag, like a vacuum pack. Lay the compressed bags flat in a side pocket.

11. Cradle fragile souvenirs in your bulkiest sweaters and arrange them in the center of the bag, where the least movement occurs, says Krantzler. For extra protection, store messy liquids—like that bottle of extra-virgin olive oil from Tuscany—in a reusable inflatable plastic bag designed for this job (try the VinniBag; $28,

If you’re bundling, simply place the bundle in the bag and follow the accessories tips.

If you’re using a soft-sided bag, like a duffel or a weekender, place flat shoes along the bottom, with the soles pressed against either side of the bag. Add rolled clothes, packing them tightly to prevent shifting in transit, which causes wrinkling, says Klosky. From there, follow the accessories tips, with these exceptions: Lay heels and boots flat on top of the bag, then add the toiletry kit.

What is one of your favorite packing tips?  I'd love to hear it! 


  1. fantastic tips! I've been visiting my boyfriend a lot in NYC and need some better packing skills! I always overpack!

  2. I can always use all the help I can get when it comes t packing. I am the worst and dread packing more than the average person. These little tid bits should help me out a bit. Thanks :)

  3. My tip is to never let anyone pack for you, big mistake I learned.

  4. So I might be the worst packer ever- glad to see these tips, and I will definitely have to try next time I go on a trip! I'm all about throwing everything that I think I might want to take into a pile and then editing from the pile (not efficient, I know!!)


  5. Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing!


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