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our wedding: girlie details...

I had intended on posting all the details in one post, but there are too many and the post would be super long and then you'll have to scroll a lot and nobody wants to do that.

My dress was purchased at Novella Bridal and had more alterations than you can imagine. Probably went in for 6 fittings?  Took out the poof, added a deep sweetheart, took out the sash that came with it...definitely put sweet Carol (their seamstress) to work.  She was amazing.

One of my bridesmaids gave me this beautiful hankie embroidered with Chris and I's initials and wedding date.  It is a tradition in their family to give one to the bride.  Such a special gift:

and the shoe story... 

I searched everywhere for gold or coral heels and found NOTHING I liked.  For months.  And then it finally dawned on me to find a pair of heels that I loved and dye them.  I know, so obvious.  I quickly found a pair of heels from Kate Spade. They were perfect, gold glitter and all.  Totally giddy I finally found my solution, I walked into a shoe shop {that had great yelp reviews for dyeing shoes online} and they told me they would not dye them.  The lady said they didn't look dyeable and she refused to do it.  I tried to convince her for 20 minutes to dye them and then eventually walked out defeated.

I journeyed about 3 blocks away and found someone who would do it...asked that I pick the color out of the book and that was it.  Success! Remember how I thought I would wear the gold flats at my reception?  That never happened.  I wore them for about 100 feet from the getaway car to our room.  Also, I used the solemates because my ceremony was on grass.  They only lasted me for half the day, they got stuck up on top of my heel pretty quick. 

so peonies were a risky pick for a bouquet...there was a chance they would not be available and I still went for it!  happy I did!

and I wore my late great grandmothers mary pin on my navy & white striped ribbon:

all the bridesmaids had white peonies & wore j.crew dresses- in sweet papaya in three different styles- and their necklaces were by padgett hoke

more peony shots. yum.

i could stare at peonies all day...

and last but not least, i purchased this bag at a vintage shop on fillmore street for about nothing and adore it~ it's a champagne/pearly color in person

iphone pic

and a not so hot pic of the jewelry I quickly took- I wore pearls during the day and the others at night when I switched out my champagne sash for gold...

and the guys details can be found here in the bridal party gifts.

*all images gem photo except for the last two

*p.s. just found out I have been deleting comments in blogger in the "spam" folder that are not spam.  if you have left a comment with a question please email me at deliciouslyorganized at thanks


  1. Your wedding is so gorgeous, I am loving reading about all the details :)

  2. I love all your wedding details~ especially your big bridal bouquet!

  3. your bouquet is STUNNING. Love peonies too! My bff wore those KS heels to her wedding- great idea to dye them!

  4. Your wedding is seriously gorgeous! I wanted peonies in my wedding {in August in Florida} and was told I'm a tad bit jealous about your bouquet!

  5. I love your shoes! Can I ask you where you went to get them dyed? I'm looking to do the same thing for my wedding shoes because I just can't find the color I want!

  6. thank you everyone!

    @sarah- i went to anthony's on kearny:

  7. Loved getting to see the details. You looked gorgeous and those peonies are stunning!

  8. CONGRATS!!!
    beautiful pictures, everything looks so nice and pretty. You definitely had a lot of fun!

    Please visit my blog if you get a chance :)

    Have a great day, Marie*

  9. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your style. The bridesmaids dresses are my fav colour & the peonies are to die for! Great job!


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