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friday faves in the city: jane

Jane is one of my absolute favorite cafes in the city. 

Even though I live in North Beach, I like to make the trip all the way to Fillmore just for a latte...

I'm sure you can see why:

they even have a cozy upstairs you can sneak away to...

and, not only is the decor incredible, but so are their treats.  go big or go home here.  get the cinnamon roll!

they even give you homemade marshmallows with their mochas!

and it's the perfect place for an organizing fanatic to start their to-do list:

I highly recommend stopping by if you're in the city!

*all photos by Matthew Millman except for the last two


  1. What an adorable cafe - looove the upstairs seating with all the club chairs and pillows. If only I can find some place like that here in Atlanta.

  2. Love the fabric they used on the dining chairs - fab! Cheers from London! :)

  3. Can't take my eyes off that cinnamon roll!


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