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a little bit of life lately...

Realized I haven't done one of these posts in a while. Thought I'd recap some fun summer moments via instagram {I really like instagram...beware}:

pretty flowers + homes around the city:

{farmers market at ferry building}

scenes around the lombard cottage:

{added the C's from our wedding gate to our gallery wall}
{new storage spot for some of my flats}
{used our vintage cape cod pitcher & glasses out on our patio- found back when we lived in beantown}
{getting our bbq-on + chris' new shades}
{added a mini trampoline that we had no room for- on a serious work out kick-}
{had the cutest little visitor}
{made some pumpkin bread}
{the fog rolled in and we had a little chicken & dumplings- few asked for the recipe: i just throw together my own mix on this recipe, no measurements: boil large pot of water, add organic chicken strips cut up, lots of pepper, celery/carrots/onion if you'd like, some organic chicken broth for flavor and cook for 15-20 minutes- then add a little half & half and then cut up some already made croissant roll dough- drop them in, and cook for another 15 minutes- add more pepper}

apparently we're I'm keeping all cafes in san francisco in business:

{sf station}
{cafe devine}

and we've been having our fair share of bites in the city:

{brunch at don pistos}
{dinner at spruce}
{sift cupcakes}
{all out- the only way to go at in n out}
{dinner at tacko- top from here}
{sunshine + margis at hillstone}

events in or just outside of the city:
{getting my sparkle on at the Rue + Gap event: tables by lovely little details}
{heading out for a going away party in my new favorite top}
{hiked muir woods- recommend parking way up top and hiking down to where everyone else starts the hike-}
{dinner at nick's cove after our hike up in muir woods}
{america's cup comes to the city- so excited for them to come back for fleet week in oct!}
{city sunset}

wow, we've had a great summer! the crazy part is...summer really starts right about now up until late oct in SF so although I'm looking forward to the fall, i'm still looking forward to enjoying some sun/warmth in the city (hoping that happens!)


  1. Loving your photos! Thank you for sharing!

    xoxo Shauna

  2. Carlee,
    for a moment I thought I was over at Lauren's - Aspiring Kennedy - all the food and random treats...
    just love all the random!

  3. Love all your images they are fantastic.....They just don't make burgers and fries/chips like that here in Australia....they look too yummy.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I really love the pillows beneath your gallery wall! Do you mind sharing where they're from?

  5. thank you everyone!

    @anonymous- found the fabric in Boston at a fabric shop and then a friend made the pillow covers

  6. So many great photos, what a fun summer! you jam packed it with goodness - and the food just makes me want to eat eat eat!

  7. I spotted a beautiful cavalier in your pictures! :)

  8. Hey, I was wondering what type of trampoline you purchased and if you are happy with it? I've been reading online about it and it seems a lot of them are not sturdy or break quickly...just wondering if you are happy with yours. Thanks :)

  9. @anonymous- it's an inmotion 36" and I haven't had it that long so I'm not sure how well it truly works/lasts. it is not easy to fold up and put away though...i can tell you that much. i thought it would have been. it takes two people to open and close- so at this point i've just kept it open which is kinda a pain in the butt. hope that helps!


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