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quickly upgrade your closet

Sunday afternoon I took five minutes to organize Chris' side of the closet (we share).  I've always benefited from a color coded closet- it's a quick way to make your closet 1. aesthetically pleasing 2. easy to navigate and it cost nothing.  And, it's perfect for those moments that crazy people (like me) have where you NEED to organize something. I like to take it one more step too & organize by tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets and all accessories tucked away in their organized spots (shoe pockets, drawers, etc.).  My picture isn't that snazzy, but here are two pretty pictures of color coded closets to inspire you...


Well, I'm off to pick up Chris another plaid J.Crew shirt...

*deliciously organized iphone photo, photo, photo


  1. Great inspirations! Thanks;)

  2. I'm crazy about color coordination lol

  3. My husbands closet is the same way! Lots of JCrew plaid!

  4. I do this too. Colors, by tops, all of It's a trick I learned when I worked in retail! I love the closet chain!

  5. Love it! I code my closets by sleeve length and color - so helpful :)


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