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finally, a poached egg.

I have been trying to master a poached egg using many methods for years.  No matter what route I went, they always ended up being just shy away from tasty.  I recently bought a few poach pods and I have think I have mastered a poached egg, well, defining master as: not watery, all in one piece, cracks open with runny yolk and is delicious. 

It's as easy as...

+ purchase pods
+ boil water
+ spray pods with organic olive oil spray
+ drop pods into boiling water
+ crack eggs in pods
+ cover for 5 minutes
+ pop egg out

*pic taken on an i-phone 


  1. Yummm... I am all of a sudden hungry! Bookmarking this recipe for later. :)

  2. Truly, is there anything better than a perfectly poached egg? I love it.


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