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friday faves in the city: xox truffles

when I first moved to my neighborhood, this sign caught my eye:

what, free truffle and all I have to do is buy a coffee? 
I typically either get a mocha or a hot chocolate.  Both are equally as incredible.  They use special sauce to make their chocolate drinks, not powder or packaged stuff.  The chocolate sauce is poured into your cup and hot steamy milk joins it.  Yum.  And, the truffles are insane.  Melt in your mouth.  My favorite is the caramel, Chris' is the peanut butter.  Hungry just thinking about them.

Definitely give them (married owners Chef Jean-Marc Gorce & Casimira opened their doors back in '97) a visit if you're coming to North Beach!

find more san francisco favorites here.

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