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check your starburst mirror!

Last night when we got to our bed our sunburst mirror (the literal round mirror part, not frame) had landed right where our heads would have been while sleeping.  The starburst frame is screwed into the wall, but I would have never thought of the mirror portion falling out.  Anyway, heads up to anyone who has a starburst mirror above their bed...check your mirror!

*iphone pic


  1. that deer head I used to have fell off the wall! The bracket broke on the back. Shattered everywhere. Would have seriously hurt someone if we had been home.

  2. Yikes! Glad no one was hurt. I was just explaining to my mother that I'm paranoid about mirrors above the bed because they could fall. She thinks I'm crazy, but obviously it happens..

  3. Ohh geez! Good thing you weren't in bed! We don't have anything above our bed and part of that is my fear of it falling on my face in the middle of the night.

  4. Native San Franciscan checking in. You're in earthquake country now! You shouldn't have anything hanging over the bed, no matter how securely you think it is attached to the wall.

  5. @gina- you are so right. born & raised in the bay & i should know better than that...

  6. Love the look of your bedroom! So classy. :)



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