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friday faves in the city: oxenrose

This weeks Friday fave in the city is...Oxenrose! I know if you were visiting SF you wouldn't technically be stopping in for a color or cut, but I do know that there are people who move to new cities and need salon suggestions.  When I first moved to Boston in 2009 I didn't know anyone and had to do a ton of research to find out where to get my haircut, but would have loved if someone gave me their recommendations.  So, this is for the 2 or 3 of you who just moved to SF, or folks who are ready to switch things up.

I was recommended to Oxenrose years ago by a girlfriend and have loved it ever since.  I am really bad at making future appointments, so I have jumped around a bit.  The stylists I request (and the only three I have only seen so I'm sure they are all fantastic) are: Margaret, Jarr and Charles (Jarr pictured).

Not only are the stylists awesome, but...

+cozy seating area with fresh tea and cappuccinos
+beautiful brick walled venue that features lovely art (they are having an art show this evening!)
+lots of wonderful product for sale
+friendly staff who will help squeeze you in ;)
+comfortable shampoo chairs
+easy parking in the neighborhood
+right next to great shopping on Hayes

UPDATE:  After several emails about my Boston stylist recommendations, I wanted to update this post with the salon name: Acote on Newbury Street.  All the stylists are fabulous and I highly recommend it!


  1. I actually just moved to Boston and am in need of a new stylist! Did you find anyone that you liked here?

  2. They need a salon like that around here. We have some nice ones, but not nearly as nice as yours sounds!

  3. I went to BC and lived in Boston for a short time afterwards. I always went to Acote for my haircuts! Great salon!


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