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costa rica honeymoon {manuel antonio: part 3}.

Find Part 1 and Part 2 of the trip by clicking  1, 2 - this is a recap of our honeymoon in Costa Rica.  Feel free to hit read in your reader for the next few posts!  Planning to get them all up at once. 

We did two other activities in Manuel Antonio: 1. Hike Manuel Antonio Park 2. Go horseback riding on the beach.  Luckily we scored Dennis for the hike in the park.  He brought his telescope...

what's hiding up in that tree?
found another one soon after just hanging out (best time to go is early morning)
I won't bore you with more pics of animals from this hike, but it was amazing.  The baby monkeys were too cute.  This hike puts you out onto the beach:
it's gorgeous:
 to bring you back around if it's high tide (assuming you don't want to get wet)- you can pay this guy $1 to take you to the other side in a boat:
Then that afternoon we drove out to a deserted beach to horseback ride- we started the trip off with Umberto (our guide) telling us that he has seen many people die in this water (heavy current)- which FREAKED me out.  Honestly, I was shaking thinking about my horse making it's way into the water.  My horse named Chick-a-Ling was not scared of the ocean like the other horses, it kept wanting to get closer and closer.  Look at it giving me the stink eye. 
Umberto had us stop for a quick snack of coconut where I prayed (again) that my horse would stop going towards the ocean on the way back.  I was so scared.  This is the closest thing I came to a smile during that moment:
Chris had an awesome horse named monkey who never put him in danger near the water.  Lucky guy.
and then before we knew it we were leaving Manuel Antonio...
and back to the airport- off to Arenal!


  1. So jealous and amazed by your trip. Favorite thing was the sloths for sure. So cool!!! Glad you had a blast!


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