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costa rica honeymoon {arenal}.

Find Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of the trip by clicking the 1, 2 and 3. We definitely saved the best for last...We stayed at the Tabacon Resort in Arenal (thank you Sarah for the rec!) and it was what I imagine disneyland being like for adults.  Nothing like a drink to welcome you...

I want to go back right now.  Arriving late in the day, we decided to hit up the spa for the afternoon/evening.  I'm pretty sure this is one of my top fav spas I've ever been to (Montage in Deer Valley takes second place for me).  Cliche- but we had a couples massage outside in the middle of the springs in the dark.  It was surreal.  Again, I want to go back.

the next morning we had a delicious costa rican breakfast and mimosas compliments of tabacon- 
Then it was off to the famous hanging bridges where we hiked in the rain and saw a bright red frog that neither one of us wanted to get too close to.  Wasn't sure if it was poisionous or not?  In any event, the hike was really nice and we had clear views of the volcano.  At least we did for a minute, then the clouds took our view away again.  I'm also including a picture of Chris' personal NIKEid's for you all to enjoy.  He is so wild.  Love him.
By the way, Costa Rica truly inspired me.  Everywhere I went I wish I had a paintbrush, colored pencils, a sketch book or something to release the creativity this place brings on.  All I could do is take pictures and hope to do something with them when I got back.  This image especially made me want to paint: 
The way the light shines through the holes that the insects have eaten away creates a beautiful shot.  Anyway, we spent all of our afternoons back at the springs.  I actually wasn't a huge fan of the swim up bar there (it was the weekend and super crowded) so we hung out a lot in the 18+ area.  It was really mellow, more private and there was still a bar where we could get fresh caipirinha's.
Walking to and from the resort to the springs there was a little stand that I loved.  Such bright bold fabrics hanging everywhere.
The last full day we had in Arenal we went rappelling down waterfalls.  We had a quick intro to the sport and then we were off.  Chris and I happen to be the first ones off the edge (not planned!).  Definitely do this if you go to Costa Rica.  It is so FUN.  Top pic is me finally getting the hang of it on the second fall.
I also happen to celebrate my 30th birthday while at the Tabacon and they really knew how to make it special.  I was blown away by their staff.  They sang, they brought out special desserts, they brought out another bottle of champagne and they snuck Chris a rose to give to me.  They pretty much set Chris up with the most romantic night ever. Ha.  Lastly, I couldn't help get excited seeing the word "bodega" on our wine bottle since we got  married in Bodega Bay.  It was the perfect way to enter into my 30's.  Thank you Chris & Tabacon again!
This brings our honeymoon to an end.  We had such a fabulous trip and I am so blessed to have spent it in Costa Rica with my love and new husband (it's so bizarre saying that, you have no idea). 


  1. Gallo pinto for breakfast... YUM! I did not go to the Tabacon but did go to "El Tabacon de Pobre" Do you know what that is? Is just next door and it's free... Full with locals, so fun. Great pictures!

  2. You guys look like you had a fabulous time :) Congrats again on the wedding!

  3. All of these posts are amazing, what a fabulous Honeymoon! I loved Costa Rica when I visited a couple years ago, Arenal was certainly a highlight! So excited to see more, I could look through plenty more of these, just because all the colors are so spectacular. Now, we need to see the wedding shots!

  4. Amazing honeymoon photos! I had almost the same trip with a girlfriend a couple of years ago (Manuel Antonio, Monteverde, Arenal)~ but not quite because although we spent a day at Tabacon, we stayed at a VERY rustic little place down the road and got tons of mosquito bites!


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