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watering our community.

A state of emergency was called in Boston after a catastrophic water leak happened late yesterday afternoon. Over 2 million people are without fresh water and are asked to boil water before using.  The stores are sold out of water as people rush to buy gallons.  

When I went to the market today, I noticed people were talking to one another about the situation our community is in.  People discussed how much they take their fresh water for granted and how blessed they are to have fresh water on a regular basis.  

Now I realize we are all just fine and this isn't truly an event of emergency like others have experienced recently in our world, but it is incredible to watch everyone come together during this time.  It's crazy how times of distress bring people so much closer.

Also, it's one of the hottest days I've experienced in Boston this year and I'm boiling water over here like it's my job.  But again, things could always be a lot worse...

On a lighter note...

today I picked up some lovely hyacinths that smell divine and a few tulips for real cheap

and I finally got a copy of House & Home to see the gorgeous home of anna spiro from absolutely beautiful things

Also, as a bit of an incentive for finals week, I bought the ellie bag. I had been meaning to purchase it back in February.  I love that's it made with organic cotton.  That Rubie Green sure does know how to make some stylish eco friendly products...

If you stuck it out this long, thanks for reading and I hope you're having a beautiful Sunday.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the water problem, but you still managed to make your weekend beautiful.

    :) Laura

  2. That's so true. Not until you can't use something do you realize how vital it is.

    On a lighter note, those flowers are so PRETTY. That looks like a good issue of house to home!

    Oh and Ruby Green = LOVE. I really need to get some pillows already. Enjoy the rest of your weekend sweetie!

  3. Sorry to hear about the water situation - I know we do take everything for granted at times. I was in NYC during Sept. 11th and I was in awe at how the city rallied during a time of crisis. Hang in there! Of course, today had to be the warmest day!! Love the rubie green bag - so adorable.

  4. ooh--i can't imagine boiling water right now because it's definitely hot here in atlanta. hopefully they'll get the situation resolved soon--nothing like a community emergency to bring people together!

    i loved that pink & white striped couch, too. this month's issue was great!

  5. hello there - great to see the silver lining on your cloudy situation - love reading you - best le

    ps anna is from my home city ... but we all are not as stylish I'm afraid .... :)

  6. I love how you immediately made me forget about your lack of fresh water with those lovely blossoms.
    and it did remind my of my friend Anna.
    Hope your water is restored shortly to fresh, clean and flowing!

  7. just come to abu dhabi, and your water will automatically boil. It's so freaking hot here. Also, where is that fabulous grey pillow from?

  8. UGH, that's just awful. I hope the water situation is resolved ASAP. Love that gorg bag!

  9. I'm sorry about the state of emergency but I know just how you feel! There's something so beautiful about the way people put aside their individual lives and all of the pettiness that occurs to really rely on each other for support.

    I adore that bag and might have to get one too!

  10. Hope things are better today! Thanks for the beautiful images upon which to rest my eyes - on a Monday morning!

  11. hope the problem has been fixed by now... lovely flowers!

    / Tiina

  12. I heard about this this morning and thought of you. Hope things are fixed by now!

    Good for you getting the Ellie Bag. I love it!

  13. I hope the water situation is fixed soon and hopefully it's not so hot in Boston today! But those flowers are so pretty. I love seeing images of your place, it looks so pretty, and I love all the little details.

  14. That is horrible...I cannot imagine being without clean drinking water! I do however, love the flowers you picked!

  15. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Hoping it's going to be fixed soon!

  16. give me my water back!! I hate this!!

  17. keep your chin up :) it's amazing to witness how people come together in times of emergency.

    p.s. i love the rubie green bag — good luck on your final exams!

  18. Lovely flowers, and great tips on broccoli, going to try some of those.

    Good luck with finals!

  19. It's amazing how going w/o clean water can make you appreciate the simple things!

    I would love a copy of the House and Home that features Anna Spiro's home. Did you find that at a US book store chain? I checked at boarders and they didn't carry it.
    Love your blog...I check it daily now!


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