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using bargains: diy stamp silhouette

For week 2, I figured this is the perfect time to dig out my bargains and put them to good use!  I bought these two frames a few months back for a few bucks at a thrift store, but have yet to touch them:

the watercolors, although beautiful, are not really what I was looking for...but I LOVED the circle mattes.  I covered the pink with a gold metallic pen:

and then used another bargain to start a few silhouettes...

I had a telephone stamp that I got for $1 at Paper Source, and an Owl stamp I got for $1 at Michaels:

I knew when I bought the telephone stamp I wanted to do this project, but I had never got started..

I scanned the images, enlarged them, and then printed on old file folders:

then I carefully cut the images out, and then painted. By the way, I bought these scissors a long time ago and they work like a charm for projects like this.  I used this paint:

with this brush:

then I checked the fit

Once dry, I trimmed down any edges that needed trimming {like the owl eye} and then began taping the biggest parts down.   I'm not sure if I want to keep the white background, or the mattes I made sure I could remove the image if needed by taping.  

I spray painted my frames white.  I've done a lot of painting lately, so this was the easiest route.

It took a while to get the matte back in!  But once I did, here is what I ended up with.  This is literally at my front door, hence the light switch/call buttons.  Keeping it real.  It's pretty darn white up on the wall, I might need to change them up a bit.  {I've said it before, but I don't have a nice camera...}

I placed the owl off center, living on the edge a bit.

Anyway, I'm happy I finally put these bargains to use!  And also, I've seen a ton of DIY silhouettes lately, there are multitudes of ways to do them!  In fact, I might be the last one to try this one...oh and

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. Wow, very cute and creative. I love the circle mattes and I would never have thought to use rubber stamps! I like the pictures in your entryway!

  2. I love how they look! So creative. And I like the owl off center - it's unexpected and looks great.

  3. I am loving that phone stamp! Now I am on a quest to find one for myself. I also love this idea. We just moved and I am looking for new ways to use my old frames. I am totally stealing this idea. Thanks for sharing.

    And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

  4. Totally creative. I think they have more detail than most silhouettes. I love them! Marija

  5. Came out great Carlee! You are so crafty..I love it.
    If you find those trays at a Target, let me know which one! I hit up the one in Everett!

  6. Oh my gosh, that's super cute!

    Re: the call buttons/light switch, I always wonder why some bloggers edit out "real" stuff like that.

  7. Very cool- you are so creative! I need to make time for more projects :)

    Happy St. Patty's- and going to the parade was worth it but i will say, I was inside a friends house all day and never saw the parade, lol :)

  8. Smarty pants ;) Those are so wonderful and unique! xo

  9. Gosh I love that owl stamp. Adorable!

  10. That owl stamp is precious!

  11. Perfection! I've been wanting to do a silhouette of something an object ever since I saw Zoey Deschanel's NY Studio in Domino a few years back (she had a flower in a pot silhouette). Thanks for the fabulous inspiration!

  12. So so so cute!! You always see something lovely out of something not so lovely. This is such a great DIY project- you are just FULL of them lately. I bet the BF is loving all these projects :)

  13. Hah - I love it! And I LOVE a good DIY. Love paint pens.

    Thanks for sharing!


  14. really cute stamps, and i love the oval frames!

  15. Great idea using the stamps and then enlarging the pictures! I bet cutting out those shapes was a real bugger!

  16. super cute. what a great idea! never would have thought to scan it. genius!

  17. cute. cute. cute. You must love how these turned out!

  18. these r so amazing! I love them sooo much! The owl is so cute. You're so clever!


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