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Spring Semester

I can't believe Spring Semester is almost here, just a few weeks away!  I wish the break was a bit longer...but I've put together a few must have items that make starting the semester more enjoyable.

Spring Semester

  1. Wrap Sweater: Perfect for classes, wore mine a little too much last semester
  2. Jack Purcell's: Haven't worn these in years, would be perfect for the Spring.  It's not quite sandal weather here in Boston and won't be for a while.
  3. Bag: Must have to carry all binders, books, etc.
  4. Scarf: Perfect accessory for the Spring
  5. Background: Desk Calendar by Paper Source, love the prints
School Supplies

  1. Avery Contemporary Color Tabs Divider: In my experience, I find keeping a binder with tabs is the easiest way to keep my courses organized... and the use of sheet protectors.
  2. Cosmetic Bag: Best way to keep pens, highlighters and everything else organized
  3. Planner: Must have
  4. Notebook: College Ruled Notebook
  5. Kiehl's Lip Balm: Favorite
  6. Pens: Cheapest ones are my favorite, love sharpies and sharpies highlighters
  7. Post It Flags & White Out: Just little items that make class easier
  8. File Folders: Keep projects organized 
  9. Blackberry {not pictured}
Most my supplies are also favorites in the office too, and there are many more but I didn't want to go too overboard here...

I would love to hear from you:
  • What's your favorite Spring accessory?
  • Is there one item you must have to keep you organized @ the office or school?


  1. Favorite gadget at the moment is my iPhone. I have had it for over a year now, but still marvel at all the apps.


  2. Cristin- I've wanted one FOREVER...I wish I could get one through verizon. I hear the iphone might be available through all carriers soon. I hope it's true.

  3. LOVE Jack Purcell's - I got a pair in gray via JCrew this fall and I wear them all the time.

    My fave spring accessory would have to be a good trench.

    And I'll have to agree with Cristin - my iPhone keeps me super organized...mail, calendar, contacts, notes, all in one. Heaven sent!

  4. I have a green pair of the Purcells and love them. They add a pop of color to some otherwise boring outfits. Just ordered that planner in pool yesterday! I cannot believe I started the year without one... so unlike me.


    So obvi her little fashion tips and supply lists pay off since she is such a friggin smartie pants.

    Love ya Carlee and congrats again!

  6. I think my favorite spring accessory would be my Hunter boots because it always seems to be raining! For organization, I love my Kate Spade agenda.

  7. Was anyone else's favorite aisle in the grocery store growing up the "school supplies" aisle?!?! No? Just me? Aw shucks.

    Haha love how beautifully you arranged my favorite accessories - desk accessories!


  8. Spring Semester!! Yikes... already?
    I love new supplies ~~


  9. Sigh... is it weird to say I kinda miss school supplies? Work supplies can be cool, but not as fun, haha. Love the cosmetic case.

    I just bought a cute, light sweater at Banana (thank you xmas gift card)- perfect for transitioning in March and April! :)

  10. I am totally a paper girl. To do lists, calenders you name it, I write it down. I am quite simply a huge fan of sticky notes. Boring I know!! The calender you've shown is fantastic.. that's going on my list! xo

  11. I am headed back to school on saturday for my last semester of undergraduate classes! I love buying school supplies and really want those file folders and a new planner! Ps. I have my blackberry with me too!

    My favorite new spring semester for school is a new wrap sweater as well...I wear mine almost every day (the temp in the classroom is never comfortable). I buy mine from forever 21 because I over wear mine as well!

  12. I need you to dress me. I want those sparkle shoes. I am going to TJ Maxx this weekend in DT crossing and I plan to swing by the Payless!

  13. i really want some jack purcells too. I want gray ones. My favorite Spring accessory is going to be this white canvas bag J.Crew is selling with a gorgeous scarf tied on. The thing that keeps me organized at work is my paralegal but other than that I just bought a new MyAgenda and I love it!

  14. Looks like you've thought of just about everything! I'm having a hard time thinking of a favorite spring accessory with all this cold, but I do love the idea of a colored wrap like you have shown to really transition the seasons.

  15. i really want those file folders

  16. How fun!! One of the bummer things about being out of school is the lack of fun pens and notebooks...hmmmbut I could so easily ameliorate this problem ;-)!! TO TARGET!


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