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Weekend Recap

Last weekend slipped past me and I didn't get around too much on my list, so I had a chance to get to a few things this past weekend! Maybe not too exciting, but I thought I would post a few pics of some of my list getting crossed off.

Here is my work space a few months ago, this is when I covered the fireplace marble:

and at that time there was only a little space for my issues and my craft tools/project "stuff" needed more space:

So I went to Ikea and purchased a bookcase that I had the sweet bf assemble while I took on all the organizational products. I now have some extra space for the issues and all the craft tools, projecting materials, etc. in one area.

While I was at it, I decided to make a couple of other changes. I felt the artwork was not meshing well in our space. The colors were just too bright for the other items in the house. I started to create a little gallery of some photos. More styling and re-working needs to happen here...that little milk glass piece looks sooo lonely!
This is truly just a beginning...but so much better than our BRIGHT piece of art that was a little much for this space.

Also, I can't decide if I like the bookshelf right next to the desk, or turned in to create a more enclosed work space
. Again, because the place is so tiny, it helps to create "rooms" by closing off spaces.

Just a starting point, but I'm so happy all of the items are now organized!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. It looks great! I like the look of the enclosed space, but I don't know if that would make it harder to access all the stored items when you're working.

  2. I totally agree with you! That's the # 1 reason why I most likely will keep it open.

  3. Love the black and whites and I like the shelf turned, great use of space!! Looks like a good spot to get some work done and stay organized!!

  4. oh my gosh I love those white bins! where did you get those?!

  5. Anna, you can get them at Ikea for really cheap...but you have to assemble on your own. But it's worth the price!

  6. It looks ten times better from when I came to visit. I do like the bookcase tothe side and think you should even pull it out to make a corner and then put a plant in that space or something. Then its like a total nook. xoxo
    Looks great either way.

    Where's the BF's desk? He's been kicked out! haha

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did!!!! I bet you are so happy to have everything organized now, its such a happy feeling :)

    PS- just dont try to climb them, they may break like mine hahaha.

  8. Doesn't your mind become clutter free when your workspace doues? Love it. Happy Blogging!


    Rebecca June

  9. I DO like your zebra chair. So I like animal prints more than I thought. Maybe I just don't like cheetah looking throw pillows:)

    love the organization. I'm inspired

  10. I think that Zebra chair is so much fun! Love what you did with the space.

  11. Love what you did Carlee!! And def like the bookcase turned to divide the space. The collage of frames above is perfect!

  12. Just love that zebra chair! Also love the new picture frame wall "art" :)

  13. It's looking great! I love the switch out with the one main art piece to the gallery look. It's looking great and so organized!

  14. Looks awesome! I love that zebra chair!

  15. Love the zebra chair! How have I missed your blog? It is lovely - we are on the same organizing wavelength too.

    cristin @ simplified bee

    ps- adding you to my blogroll.

  16. Fantastic!

    Looks great!

    Jaithan + Eddie

  17. I am giddy to have found your Fabulous blog *** and cannot wait to follow your posts on organizing while I create my Art Studio!!!

    xoxo Laura


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