One lucky kid...

Have you ever seen a "kids" room that you feel could totally work as an adults? Or am I alone on this one...I totally understand if I am! Anyway, I found this room while browsing House Beautiful and couldn't help but think from the first image that this was an adults room, but after some reading the interview with the designer {Sally Markham} and seeing just a few more photos, I realized that this was 100% a child's room.

What do you think? Could the first photo pass as an adults room?

I love the ceiling, the headboard, that fun polka dot bench, the ghost chair, the bench seating in the window, the bright colors and of course fresh flowers make a space come alive!

I personally would have loved to have this room when I was younger and I think it's safe to say this child has style!


  1. The room is gorgeous - whether it's for an adult or kid. I think the room is fun - so a fun loving adult or a child would love it. It's a perfect example of a room that would grow with a child.

  2. There are so many kids rooms that I would want as my own. I would even love the really pink frilly rooms as my own :)

  3. Love that room- such a cute headboard!

  4. Yes! Michael was so cute/funny. My roomie and I loved him haha- so I was dying a little inside :)

  5. I'd be quite content to have that room! Lucky kid indeed...Although, if you have that much coolness so early in life, is there anything left to strive for?

  6. I am 21 and I would loveee to have this room! It is so fun with the colors. I love the large headboard and the window seat with the cute pillows.

  7. I totally agree with you! I could see myself in that home any day!

  8. I totally do that! That upholstered bed would make me think "adult". So pretty. I love PB Teen rooms for myself. xoxo



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