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Ok, so it's a little early for the snowy wonderland pictures, but are they not sooo dreamy? While still in a state of chaos with school, I opened my newest Anthropologie email to this photograph:

and felt calmer.

and then clicked on it which led me to this sweet photograph of a bicycle covered in snow and my workload began to feel a little bit lighter...

and then jewels to remind me to actually take my costume jewelery out this season and use it. And, that dress with those tights? Could be done this Holiday season.

Nothing screams a dreamy Holiday like a red dress. No? And adorable shoes?

Of course I'm very interested in that sofa, that's the first thing I noticed....but then I saw one dress paired with three different lovely sweaters. Sorta love them all.

Can't resist dancing in the snow and those adorable ski cap candles!

and LOVE that dress.

but not sure if I love this one more?

and to imagine sitting in a settee, in a fireplace, lounging in some cute shorts and plaid shirt might end this dreamy catalog for me with a bit of bliss.

The catalog has another entirely gorgeous spread that I didn't even touch. Check it out here.

I hope you felt a little inspiration for this Holiday season like I did!


  1. Oh my--gorgeous! I don't know how they do it.

  2. I got this email too, and I was dreaming of the holidays when I was flipping through it. It makes me feel all warm and glittery!

  3. my fireplace doesn't work:) I am inspired to find something cute for NYE!

  4. I love the dreamy qualities of these images too. It gets me in the holiday spirit!

  5. I got mine in the mail might be one of my favorites!

  6. So dreamy :) Love the Anthro style. That dress you love, I love too!

    Hope you 2 participate in my special holiday guest post series on my blog!

  7. The dress is beautiful, so is the fireplace she is sitting on! My goodness! Lovely post!


  8. They are really stepping it up! I love these pictures, and it really gets me in the mood for Christmas! I cannot wait to wear fun dresses to Christmas parties and to go out and play in the snow!

  9. I sit on my mantle like the second to last picture all the time. Its how I wait for the BF to come home from work. I usually wear outfits like those too :)

  10. Yes, very dreamy. It's nice to dream. That sofa is something else. I love those typed of sofa's anyway, but I really love it in yellow. Not sure if I'm ready for snow though.


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