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I hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day Weekend! I had a ridiculously good time in California but it's great to be back in Boston. Let me share a little bit of what happened, and then tomorrow Tiffany & I will be back to some design and fashion talk!

This was a conversation that I had about the blog on my way into San Francisco with my boyfriend over the weekend:

him: I really think you need to "drop some knowledge" on your readers. Talk about things that they don't already know about.

me: Really... Like what?

him: Knots, you should talk about knots.

me: Knots?

him: Yeah, knots.

me: Like our door knot stop?

him: No, like how to tie different types of knots.

me: Speechless and then proceeded to laugh h-y-s-t-e-r-i-c-a-l-l-y

Well folks, there is no way I'm going to show you all how to tie knots on this blog...because I think you may be snoring by the time I get into "how to tie a cat's paw knot" but here is a place where you can learn if you so desire {doubtful}. Isn't he a sweetie?

Anyway, Tiffany & I will both try our best to "drop some knowledge" on you all very soon...BUT in the meantime, lets look at these pretty wedding pics:

We had such a wonderful time at this wedding! Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Images: All images my own except for the door knot which is google images


  1. Gorgeous wedding and I LOVE the candy table!

    Laughing over here because my fiance and I had the same convo about blog topics. Not knots, but just the knowledge. hilarious.

  2. I am speechless, what an AMAZING wedding, everything down to the last detail is just beautiful!!

  3. I love your boyfriend's input, that is really cute! Looks like a beautiful wedding in Cali; I especially love those centerpieces. Where they vintage silver containers?! What a great idea!

  4. Ohhh that wedding is so pretty! The cake is lovely!!

  5. That's too funny! I do like the knot door stop though.

    And that what a beautiful wedding!

  6. Great info... by the way you are so cute... :)


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