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Back To School...sigh

Carlee had her first day of school at Suffolk University in Boston, MA, while here in Southern Cali, our little sister, Hollyanna, had her first day of school in 11th grade today. I helped her pick out her outfit and do her makeup; a little tradition we like to uphold. There are only so many first days of school ya know!

Carlee being dropped off by mommy. Just kidding...Her BF.

Hollyanna on right and me on left (Tiffany). Sorry poor quality but its from my cellphone in 7am lighting!

Collage courtesy of Polyvore

In Light of everyone either going back to high school, college, or even work (teachers have summers off usually), I thought I would whip together some classic essentials for school. I gathered items from some of my favorite stores/websites and compiled them for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

The most important thing to remember when back to school shopping is comfort. You are sitting in only God knows how many classrooms and for how many hours. Ya that outfit might look cute standing up, but sit down in those jeans, do they make your tummy hurt because you've been sitting so long, and they're too tight. Does your shirt make your tummy look like the wave pool at your local water park? I prefer looser fitting tops so I am not self-conscious the whole class session.

This blouse from the Kate Spade collection is perfect because its fitted but not too tight. I could sit comfortably in this for a long period of time and take notes! Not to mention the gold necklace and her messy updo is adorable.

What makes this shirt look classic is the black and white. Its longer, almost like a dressy feel. Looks comfy!

I am loving blazers right now. This
Elizabeth and James "James"outfit is perfect for school. It's casual yet classy. It's comfortable and pulled together with the monochromatic colors. You could do a fun pop of color with the shoes or bag.

How relaxed, slimming and wispy is this "Pucker Up Cardigan?" Don't forget that classrooms get chilly from the air conditioning!!! Don't sit through class freezing; it will distract you from learning!

blazer shirt is perfect for fall. You can where a light cami underneath or just your bra. It's actually a shirt jacket so it has more than one use!

As for shoes, I love pops of color. And I loooove the color purple. All different shades of purple are in for fall.
These shoes are totally doable for walking around campus all day. I personally can't do big heels while trying to hold my big school bag and walking stairs, hills, and dirt paths!

L.A.M.B. sandals are also a fun pair. These are still in the summer feel, but the dark color and thick woven material make them a good transitional piece for fall while its still warm enough to wear sandal type shoes!

This Anthropologie Jumper looks so comfortable. I could definitely sit in class and be lectured to in this. Dress it up with jewelry and nice sandals such as the black ones above.

This Kate Spade bag looks like it could hold a millions things, yet looks very clean! I love it!
If you have the money to splurge on a more trendy item, owls are very in right now. This bag is fun and will spice up an otherwise simple look! Also Kate Spade.


  1. What a great big sister you are, I wish I had a sister like you when I was in 11th grade!!

  2. wow. that pic is something else! yikes! ok, I NEED that OWL purse!!! Oh and those shoes...wait, I need everything!

  3. Love the polyvore- great pieces. Also enjoy the Anthro pucker up cardy! That is such a great staple.

    Happy weekend to you!

  4. What a great post. Sisters are so fun to have around when it comes to dressing, aren't they? I hope everyone has a wonderful back-to-school day!

  5. Great post! I especially love that fabulous blazer. Happy weekend!


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