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There was a time when I lived in Marin County, CA and babysat for a young, stylish and ever so sweet family. Marin is full of culture and charm. I actually dream of ending back there one day. With little towns like Larkspur tucked away in the Marin Woods, to glamorous chateaus a top a city called Tiburon... and in between, the county still keeps it real in a slow paced town called Fairfax, where hippies swoon over locally made lavender ice cream. But I digress.

The father of the family was originally from Scotland, and their home is a mixture of Scottish countryside style, shared with upscale glamorous cottage decor. They had just renovated {with the most beautiful stone flooring, a home library, walls of chalkboard paint for kids to doodle on, ballerina bars for the girls…and the list goes on} when I stopped sitting for them to make the place even more of a residence I could oogle all day over.

Recently I came across the photos {below} of Designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka's home. It immediately took me back to the family’s home where I would admire their digs...all the while watching my back to ensure a 3 year old wasn't really going to move on from painting her arm with nail polish to starting an art project on their sofa.

Take a look at these captivating images of the designers' 1920's stone house tucked away in Kentucky:

My favorite room of the entire house:

The BF "loves" the sink
My favorite, organized books by color:

All images from Elle Decor


  1. Gorgeous monogram pillows! I'd love those in my home.

    Also, it's so cute they live in Kentucky!

  2. You babysat for such a neat family!

    I love this house, especially the kitchen with all the cookbooks. The masterbedroom and porch are incredible too.


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