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Purple Polka Dot Dress

No matter your shape, size, or height, a dress is out there for you. I am curvy and short with a long torso and short legs (I like my legs :) I have one go-to dress that makes me feel feminine and pretty just as I am. It's an H&M, 1940's inspired, purple polka dot number {that I can't seem to find a photo of online!}. When I slip into this dress, I want to yell out, "somebody's looking fabulous!" from Jim Carey's, The Grinch. Not only do I feel exhilarated in this dress, it works in every season and for every occasion. In the Winter season, I add a sweater, belt, tights, and boots or heels. For Summer, just some airy sandals and light jewelry, and for Spring or Fall-a cardigan and pearls with heels or flats.

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1 comment:

  1. I love the accessories in the first photo and the dress in the third photo...I would definitely like to wear that one with some pearls and red lipstick.


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