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Coastal Bliss

This weekend I may take the ferry over to Provincetown in the Cape...T-storm permitting. I've been to the Cape, but yet to see the famous P-town. I found a few shops I want to check out over at Style Carrot: Shor and also Yates & Kennedy...BUT, if you have any favorite spots in the town...please do tell.

Anyway, in excitement for my visit I wanted a taste of a coastal view and found this photo. Can you imagine waking up to this everyday? Or yet, can you imagine all of the fabulous dinner parties you would have? A girl can dream...

Happy Friday!


  1. What a stunning room! Have fun this weekend (and I hope the tropical storm misses the Cape).

  2. Beautiful image. Enjoy your weeeknd!

  3. I just found your blog! I love all of the beautiful pictures.

  4. Oh yes - I can imagine how wonderful it would be to wake up to that view.. Can't wait to hear about you weekend escape.

  5. I am dreaming right along with you. That space is gorgeous. I adore that image -!-

    Thanks for popping by ABCD Design with your comment, because of it - I "found" your blog. I can't wait to explore!!! I look forward to our conversations.

    Warm regards,
    ABC Dragoo

  6. Hi Carlee-Thanks for stopping by my blog SPPN :) I love to "meet" new people around the blogosphere. Great blog you have going here-going to follow along so I can stay updated!



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