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Pretty & Pink

Back in April of 2007 I fell in love with Jennifer Marsico's apartment. I didn't crush, I fell head over heels. In utter excitement I even regretfully ripped a few pages out of my Domino so I could bring them into a Design class {which I thought I lost but just found in an old design folder...heart attack averted}. Anyway, the current color quizzes {from House Beautiful} going around made me think about my past with color. There is a question that asks, "what color was your room growing up?" and when I thought back to my old rooms I realized I'd never had any "pink" girlie rooms...which quite possibly could be my obsession with Marsico's home. There is pink everywhere in her sweet flat and honestly to this day I still love her place, I'm not head over heels anymore...BUT I still love it. It's classy, feminine and so romantic. So, here it is again, Marisco's apartment:

The Lillian Bassman black & white photograph, the zebra rug, those stools, I want that lamp, the arrangement on the table, the chairs

Louis XVI Chairs, altar lighting, vases......

Love that chair and Amy Howard bed, the romantic bedding...and as I said before, those pink walls

that deliciously organized vanity & everything else involved...

Organized closet with a funky rug and bright ottoman, can't imagine having this much space...

Oh & did I mention she lives with her bf?

All images: Scanned from Domino Magazine April 2007


  1. Wow, I love the bedroom, dining room and, of course, the crazy big closet. I'm not usually a pink person, but these rooms really appeal to me too.

  2. I love that pink bedroom. My husband HATES pink. He is pretty laid back and doesn't give his opinion much-- but for our wedding- he said, NO PINK. :)

  3. Ok, so many blogs mention their love and missing of Domino! I totally agree- I love(d) that mag and I miss it. So, if so many people miss it and love(d) it, why is it gone!?

    Such a gorg bed in this home!

  4. I love love love the bedroom. I never thought I could do pink for a bedroom but since the bed is such a light pink, it's not too much. It has an antique-y feel that makes it less intense! And some day I must have a vanity! Every girl should!xoxo

  5. I adore that bed! omg! I'd so be sitting on the floor staring at myself all the time... then I'd take pics and post them to my facebook so all my friends could be jealous of my new bed!! ;)

  6. I've always loved this house, too. The mirrored bed frame is to die for!

  7. So many great details; I love the feel of that space too!

  8. I would like her BF to have a chat with my BF so I can FIANALLY get some pink in our apartment :)


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