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House Progress: Living Room

Sources: RugStockings

I'm trying to hold myself accountable to sharing more pics of the house since moving in! Here is a shot of the living room. I wish I would have taken these the day after Thanksgiving when our tree and wreath were still alive...that's the downfall of rushing out to get your Christmas tree, but I love to extend this time of year as long as possible ;)

We haven't done much other than: 
  • Paint the walls and fireplace
  • Remove the drapery rod
  • Change the flooring
  • Replace the baseboards
  • Replace the outlets (this makes a HUGE difference in a house and I highly recommend)
All the furniture is from our previous place (including throw pillows which we really need to upgrade) in Tiburon other than the coffee table that we found at an antique store in Sebastopol. Chris actually saw it first and I kinda passed it by but I quickly came back around! I love it. 

Sources: Rug, Stockings

Long term would be drapery, new seating, fix the fireplace, and a few other things (the biggest of them being behind this photo is a wall that we will take down opening up to the kitchen). What we have will work for now, we definitely need some art on the walls. And if you're wondering how we keep it white (most people do), we have slipcovered seating, and as far as this rug goes, it definitely gets dirty. Santa is bringing a spot cleaner machine which I'm excited about :)

Here's a quick reminder of where we started: 

It's always amazing what paint can do to a space. I think the fireplace being white opens up this space a ton. Our TV is where the lamp is in this photo if you're wondering where it's hiding.

Here is looking towards the Dining Room which is just to the right of the windows. 

Before shots of that wall and the dining area, shared in this post

I'll try and share more again soon. I love having this diary of what we've gotten done over the months. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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