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If you have limited drawer space (or no drawers like me) in your bathroom, I highly recommend this blow dryer caddy that goes over your sink door.  You can keep your round brush and some product in the caddy as well (depending on how big your blow dryer is).  I found my caddy here.  Love it.

I'm going to try and get some more organizing tips up in the near future.  I actually made a trip to the Container Store recently and picked up a few new items to help keep things in place around here.  The after pictures won't be amazing, but I'll still share some shots soon!

*image by Andrew McCaul for Good Housekeeping


  1. I'm kind of jealous of your under-sink storage...! :-)

    1. the above image is actually not my under sink...but, i wish it was! i need to add a credit to the image ;)

  2. I found the image! It's by Andrew McCaul for Good Housekeeping. I love your blog! :)


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