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Every once in a while, I like to pin.  What about you?  Do you still pin?  I don't think pinterest is going anywhere anytime soon, but I don't find myself as interested in the platform as I was in the past.  At any rate, I'm still pinning here and there.  In case you don't follow me on pinterest, or need a few pretty images to get your Monday morning going, see below.

I honestly don't know how to set a proper table.  I should study this photograph for future dinner parties (& invest in pretty tableware!)

A very well hidden tv:

Get out of here.  Can't even imagine having this fancy of a setup going on under my sink:

It's official, I  need a leopard intervention. I opened my purse the other day & saw my leopard phone case, wallet & a coin purse & realized how ridiculous it all looked together.  Although that didn't stop me from getting these leopard pumps before the nordstrom sale ended.  The reviews sound awesome!  

Always a great reminder- but, easier said than done...

Love this serene bedroom.  I am almost done organizing our bedroom & ready to make it a cozy/relaxing retreat. 

(photograph by heather hawkins photography )

Speaking of organizing, I'm also cleaning up other spaces of our house & these baskets are my favorite for organizing if you're in the market:

We need to replace our high round bar table & purchase a dining table.  It's very difficult to decide to go with a white table with bright chairs, go traditional & use a family table that was passed down to me & has been stored in my dads garage for years (which he likes to remind me over every time i go to his house) OR a rustic table.  

 This space has such a nice mix- a modern table, a textured rug, & traditional chairs that have a fun pop to them.  Decisions, decisions. 

Made this recipe last week & it was delicious. 

Here is how mine turned out (via my instagram- follow along at @deliciouslyorg ):

 Last but not least on the pinterest list is Essie's Go Ginza. If you love Essie's fiji & the color lavender, you might like this one. It's a lavender/white & is one of my new favorites along with this color.


  1. I loved the post, loved the bedroom sooo much and of course the under the sink, can't imagine that, wow so many options could have a small family under your post and the stunning photos...come on over for a visit, would love to have you..

    1. I know, right. That sink situation would be fabulous.

  2. I must admit that I love Pinterest. It's so fun to see other people's inspiration, and I love that I can store all my favorite images in one place. With that said, sometimes it seems like the same things get pinned over and over again, and the content can seem a bit recycled. However, I love all of your picks and inspiration, and I'm following you now on Pinterest.

    1. I agree, there is a lot of recycled pins but it is nice to have a place to keep all your inspiration in one spot.

  3. Gorgeous images. The blue + white table setting is divine. That Essie nail varnish is divine (color noted).
    Have a nice week and hugs from London x

  4. Oh my! I am still Pinning.. ALL the time! If I'm in bed and can't fall asleep, I look through the food board and a few minutes later I'm totally out. I have seen that table setting pin so many times in the past few days - I think something like that should be taught in school of some sort. Maybe you won't be the one setting the table but it's sure embarrassing when you sit down at a table like this and have no idea what anything is! (And it's probably when you're trying to impress your boss or significant other's family!)

  5. I pin all day, every day! Haha Seriously though, I think it's a great platform for sharing, inspiration, community and more! Love the pins you included in this post - particularly those heels <3

  6. That TV gallery wall is really so genius!

  7. that Essie color looks gorgeous! and those heels!

  8. That chicken soup recipe is my absolute favorite! I make it every other week.

  9. go ginza is a new fave of mine too!


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