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A few weeks ago I drove up North to a little town called Sebastopol.  The town has awesome antiquing, thrifting, and is quite charming.  While walking around one of the antique shops I found the perfect little side tables.  At the time, the measurements seemed to work for our tiny guest room and I was thrilled to check this off the guest room list.  

Not so fast.  I swear, the measurements were right in the ballpark of what we were looking for.  Ugh, they are cute!  So annoying. This photo is actually taken at an angle that makes them look even more ridiculously small than they are, but whatever, they probably won't work.

Here is what I'm thinking...

1. Paint them a bright color or crisp white and hope the new paint makes them appear larger than they really are.  Then, place some tall brass reading lamps on them. 

2. Screw it.  Sell them and start over.  Anyone in the need for two tiny tables?  

Wish me luck!


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