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Second post of the Cabo Wedding is here (only 1 week late)!  Again, I mentioned this in Part 1- but, this was seriously a magical wedding!  

The wedding took place at Flora's Farm: 

really wish I would have shot pictures of this at night! all the lanterns were lite up, the twinkle lights were was amazing. 

right when we got there we were given farm fresh carrot margi's!  now that's what I call a welcoming!

at the ceremony...loved the idea of covering the hay in lace.  also, couldn't get enough of the maracas that were on all of our seats.  everyone shook them as the bride & groom walked down the aisle. 

ashley was one of the most stunning brides you've ever seen:

after the ceremony we had a lovely cocktail hour with breathtaking views of the farm.  and, more of those tasty drinks floated our way.  this time I went for the watermelon mojito!

here we are taking advantage of that view.  By the hair is my FIRST EVER attempt to replicate something on pinterest.  I asked for this at the hotel spa, I got what you're seeing.  Nothing like a stiff mad men hair style in the middle of a warm wedding, at a farm.  I didn't have time to change anything so I ran with it!  

 {loved my dress from here}

the reception had some of my favorite + sparkle!


 everyone takes 100 pictures of the tables at a
the food was unreal.  i've never had food that good at a wedding!  here is also a shot of the farm stand area of the farm.
something i didn't get pics of...their gorgeous cakes.  they sent us home with their own hot sauces:
if you can believe it, this is only a portion of my pics from that day...
can't wait to see the photos their photographers post.
congrats to Ashley & Paul! 
hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into our cabo wedding weekend :)


  1. Love the setting.
    So beautiful!

  2. We triple love Flora Farms! We are heading to Cabo on the 22nd and my daughter will get to go to day camp there. Looks like you guys had a blast. :)

  3. Omg, those place settings. Amazing!

  4. Wow these ceremony is so gorgeous.The location is stunning.The flowers are so beautiful
    Loved the entire arrangement.

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  5. That is one gorgeous wedding! Wow, those table settings... so gorgeous! And this wedding is so colorful... I'm such a fan :)

  6. I tried asking what the name of the hotel you stayed at was in your last post...would you mind sharing?

    1. Sorry I missed your question! We stayed at the Hilton. Here is the link:

  7. Wonderful! I'm bookmarking for the next time my husband and I are in need of a warm getaway....neither one of us have ever been to Mexico! Btw- I still thought you pulled off that hairstyle very well. LOVE your floral dress too.

    1. You should definitely make the trip! And, thank you!


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