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We are back from celebrating our friends wedding in Cabo...and, it was stunning!  I was really looking forward to getting down to Mexico as I hadn't been since a high school "senior trip".  Which means, besides being ecstatic to celebrate our friends nuptials- I was especially excited to get back to the bright blue water, warm white sand, and rich colors that grace all of Mexico.

When we got to our room we had some very fun treats waiting for us.  Monogramed sunglasses, shot glasses and koozies!

Then we stepped out to our patio to this.  We were pretty happy and we hadn't even left our room yet!

The hotel pool was where most of the wedding guests spent their time.  Sitting at a swim up bar with a fresh Paloma (my new favorite drink) in hand, eating delicious sushi, all while chatting with good friends- was almost like a dream.   Here is what Chris rather be doing while I'm sipping a Paloma.  If people are playing volleyball at the pool/beach, Chris will find them (serving in the red hat)...

When we needed a break from the pool (is that not the silliest line you've ever read?  a break from the pool?), we all headed down for a quick dip in the sea of cortez:

Missing this view.  A lot.

Now to the wedding events!  

The bride & groom hosted an incredible rehearsal dinner in old town cabo at a place called La Osteria.  I don't know how they found this place, but I was in love with it.  From the rich leather, to rustic wood tables, to the bright canvas pillows- there were several layers of texture which made for a very lovely spot.

Those chairs.

the happy bride & groom welcoming their guests: 

again, everywhere we looked there was something interesting that caught our eye:

even that cross behind us is beautiful!  

loved the lanterns hanging from the tree: 

and to end this perfect evening, the most unreal sunset was peeking over the wall:

When the sun went down, we still really enjoyed this venue! a shot of those awesome sunglasses in action late into the evening (and a shot proving to the bride & groom their guests were all having a lot of fun...). One last thing to note about this photograph.  All the bridesmaids had adorable handmade mini sombro hat/headbands on:

so much fun!

be back soon with the wedding photographs, and if not today, hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Looks like a dream. So beautiful and fun too. Fantastic.

  2. What a great location for a wedding! I'd miss that view too!

  3. What an amazing wedding! All that blue - unreal!

  4. This is so beautiful-- I want to get married in Cabo now!

  5. What is the name of that hotel....looks like a dream!

  6. Wow this location is so amazing and those lanterns looks so gorgeous during evening hours.

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