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I am organizing like it's my 2nd job these days.   No joke, I have gone to the Container Store twice this week- which is actually fun to me- even if I can barely keep my eyes open.  And, although I love this organizing stuff, I will admit, it's much harder to organize several rooms within a week.  You kinda start to lose it after staying up late unpacking the kitchen- and then to turn around and realize there are 3 more large boxes of kitchen trinkets you didn't realize you missed.  Needless to say, my jar collection got the boot this week.  Please tell me I'm not the only one that has saved salsa jars for "future organizing projects".  By the way, I'm not the only one with collections around here.  For every jar I have, I think Chris has a hot sauce bottle (and we don't have all his sauces yet- we still have some more of his favorites to purchase):

At any rate, we are in love with our place and our new neighborhood!  We might be a little tired (and Chris on top of this move has been traveling to the East Coast this week!) but we are at least getting closer to having the boxes unpacked.  

image from our ran last night in our neighborhood
I have been hitting up some magazines for a little inspiration.  Have you seen this one?  Style at Home put out a special organized issue.  It was a fun surprise to see the sweet Jen Ramos from Made by Girl too. 

Love how she keeps her space organized, but still so stylish and livable:

image: MadeByGirl

image: MadeByGirl

image: MadeByGirl

I have been doing little DIY projects here and there in my delirium... Under the kitchen sink needed a little boost: 

So I used white paper to add a few black leopardy looking spots to spruce it up a bit:

I'm still working on organizing under this sink, but I'll be sure to shoot some pics when it's done.

Anyway, wish us luck- we have to clear out our second room tonight (the room where we have stuffed every single item that we haven't wanted to deal with for a week) in order for a mattress to be delivered at 8:00 a.m. !

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Hey Carlee,

    Blog fans and organizing-obsessed here! Where can one pick up a copy of the Style at Home special issue? Haven't seen it out at all recently but would love a copy!

    Thanks and best of luck in your new place!
    JUGs Boston

  2. What a great view from your run, wow!!

    And that's quite a hot sauce collection! Good luck with the unpacking :)

  3. I am in the same boat! We just moved into a larger place too and are in the process of finding places for everything! And trust me, I am just like you with the jar husband asks me "why are you saving this?" I'm out in the East Bay if you ever need to chat!

    1. Moving is always much more work than you think!

      I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a jar collection ;)

  4. I totally understand the moving + organizing - it is exhausting! It is probably a blessing that I don't have a container store anywhere close to me... it would be far to dangerous! I love that photo from your run - how gorgeous!

    Please come visit - the invite is always open & I have a lovely guest room ready to go! Thanks for the comment on the antlers, they make me smile!

  5. I need to pick up that magazine this weekend. I love to organize. I have been trying to pick one small project at a time and organize the heck out of it. :)

  6. Love the view from your run last night!!! Wow! About to embark on some serious cleaning and purging around here in order to organize better.

  7. Loved your entire wardrobe..Its been managed so nicely..:)

  8. Good luck! I'm prepping for a move and just cleaned through my bookcases...can't even imagine underneath my sink. Instead, I just have music blaring from my bedroom, trying to entice me back into cleaning it. Of course, beer doesn't hurt....

  9. Can't wait to see more. You always inspire me to get things done around my house. And if you decide have children one day--- I can't wait to see what you are like when preggers! I've been in overdrive lately nesting like crazy. The husband thinks I've gone mad! How far away did y'all move from where you were?!

  10. Hang in there - I know with some sprucing up, this place of yours will be looking fab in no time! :) And I am obsessed with the Container Store - I could spend all day in there.

  11. Isn't The Container Store so fun?? Your neighborhood looks beautiful, and your cabinet liners are really cool. My apartment is definitely needing some spring cleaning...

  12. Moving is so stressful but I'm sure everything will look amazing once you are finished! I love the container store too!


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