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I'm a little late on getting this post up, but I've done it for the past couple of years and felt off because I hadn't yet.  I also realized that it's way too long, and quite possibly not that interesting because you've already seen all of these photos before, perhaps more than once.  Starting to feel like this post is more my own (public) diary of the past year, which I'm fine with.  By the way- I don't know how 2013 can top was such an awesome year.  Anyway, here are my favorite posts of 2012 :)

In January, I curated a sale for Joss & Main, helped with a Refinery 29 organizing article, and organized my makeup brushes:

I also spent more time with my camera that same month and took maternity photos for my friends Adam & Elaine (who now have the cutest baby I've ever seen).

I also spent time organizing my handbags in a storage bench

made some valentine cookies in February: 

In March I went to Park City, UT and received a sweet gift from Patricia over at pve...

Finally completed our wedding invites in that same month...



 and made Easter cookies

 took a trip to the Farmers Market for some bright flowers

had our couples shower (thanks again to our friends for throwing):

took engagement photos with em the gem: 

got our luncheon invites out for our wedding: 

made goodie bags with diy canvas bags

and celebrated my bach in Tahoe!

framed our guest book poster from our couples shower:

made a few smoothies in June: 

oh, and did that other little married !

did some organizing, got a new planner, and celebrated 4th of July...oh, and went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon!

made my FAVORITE scrub after being inspired by our trip.  No joke, I've made a lot of scrubs (as seen on this blog), but nothing beats this one.  And it's still going strong 6 months later!

made some summer salads in July, here , here and here

went to Capitola in August for a bach party

also in August made a fun DIY monogram for over our bed: 

which I changed up the letters recently, like them this way a bunch better: 

was also excited in August to see our wedding in Style Me Pretty


had so much fun at events in San Francisco, one hosted by Rue & GAP- here with Stacy from hello cupcake

and with Leah at the Benefit Cosmetics event: 

in August I also shared pretty much every single planning detail of our entire wedding...

In Sept. we enjoyed san francisco to the fullest with friends + organized + added the c's from our wedding to our gallery wall (which is now gone- ha)

went to a beautiful wedding in central california:

then went to another gorgeous wedding the next weekend in Napa:

posted about my love for money plants- this one is still going very strong!

In October we had a blast at Fleet Week


took down the gallery wall and started over...

 and started creating mini gallery walls all over the house:

 took an epic trip to Tahoe that same month...

organized my denim in Oct. and happy to say this is still working out very well for me...

the Giants WON in Oct and the city was on fire!

 went to Napa for a very fun wine tasting trip:

 in November I was thrilled when my sweet photographer let me know my bouquet was in Southern Weddings

made my first gingerbread smoothie in Nov

 in Dec. Chris & I went back to the town we were hitched in for a little 6 month anniversary ;)

 we decorated the house for Christmas...


went to a winter wonderland wedding, celebrated 7 years of dating, and celebrated Christmas with friends and family.  And, had an amazing New Years Eve in Napa this year!  Haven't posted any pics yet, so there are a bunch...

oh, and one last thing in December.  Made multiple batches of this saltine toffee: 

and I can't get enough.  super easy, super tasty.  recipe here.

wow, that was the longest post I've ever done...thank you for sticking around if you made it to the end.

Here's to 2013 being a great year!!!  Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Love your posts! Perhaps Ill see you sometime in SF! I live out in the East Bay.

    Question- Do you have pics of the inside of the storage unit you mentioned that you store your purses? I love that idea!

    1. Thank you!

      I don't have a pic, but it's just an empty unit. I stack my purses on one side, and keepsake boxes on the other ;)

  2. Looks like you had quite a year! Coffee or double date soon?

  3. What an amazing year... I only started following your blog a couple months ago so it is nice to have a little 2012 catch up. Wishing you a great 2013 to come!!!

  4. What an amazing year! Cheers to another!

  5. It looks like 2012 was such an amazing year! Here's to 2013 being just as (if not even more) awesome! :)

  6. Carlee,
    I hope you will continue to do this wrap up post each year, because I LOVED it!!! 2012 was definitely a banner year for you, but I'm sure that smile and joie de vivre will ensure that 2013 is just as spectacular.

    Thank you for sharing all those fun and happy moments. All the best to you in 2013!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    1. Thank you for your sweet note, Elizabeth. So happy you enjoyed the post.

      Hoping you have a beautiful 2013!

  7. What an amazing year!! LOVE this post!! xo.

  8. I was immersed in wedding planning and am only just getting back to all things home and design! I love that you were able to keep your feet in the wedding world and the design world.

    We were also on Style Me Pretty! :)

  9. I just wanted to let you know I absolutely love your blog, It may have something to do with the fact that we share a last name. Though it's mostly because of how perfect it is.

  10. Wow, wow, wow. I got tired just reading everything you did :-o

    It looks like you had a BUSY year. What will you do this year to top it?



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