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photograph from Atlantic-Pacific

During the Holidays I'm always inspired to wear as many sequin/glittery/shiny things I can. And, over the years I've tried to buy a few items that I'd actually wear again and again instead of buying something new every Holiday (although this always ends up happening!).

A couple of years ago I got a black sequin skirt from J.Crew that I love.  I wore it on NYE very simple with black tights, a black tank and a chunky sparkly necklcace, but this year I thought I'd recycle the skirt and spice up the outfit a little more.

I LOVE how Blair wore hers in the above photograph, and decided to throw together some pieces to bring that look together with the skirt I already have.  See below if you're interested in something like this as well...

the below skirt isn't my exact, but it's a lot like it:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

I also like the idea of wearing it with a chambray shirt, possibly a sweater on top and some cute booties!

fun fact: The word "sequin" comes from the Venetian zecchino, which was a coin issued in 1284. When the currency died out, Venetian ladies would embroider their clothes with the old, pure gold coins. Thus, bling is born.


  1. My daughter has a skirt just like that!
    Love it with denim.

  2. ooh that's such a holiday-perfect outfit! love it! i also love sequin skirts with chambray and tulle-like fluffy skirts with chambray :)


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