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This past weekend we escaped with friends to one of my favorite places in the entire world...

Lake Tahoe.

Even though I've been going to Tahoe for as long as I can remember, it is still one of those places that instantly calms me, inspires me, and rejuvenates me.  And let me tell you, if you haven't been before, not only is the view breathtaking- but the smell is intoxicating.  I want to bottle it up.   


This trip we stayed at Squaw Creek which was absolutely stunning and a nice change from being at a cabin.  The leaves were changing, it was warm, and the place was decked out in gorgeous fall decorations.  In fact, they even had their own little Oktoberfest where we had the chance to sample pumpkin soup with crème fraîche and tasty beers from around the world. 

But besides sipping on beer and tasting soups, we were very active on this trip...

This is what happens when the gym clears out and you leave Chris and I alone in a big empty space. Toe touch time. To be honest, I was impressed I could even get off the ground.  Sadly, I have lost all form.  And I blame this nonsense on the altitude ;)

We also rented bikes and cruised the Truckee river and a little bit of the lake. 
and Chris impressed me with his cool jumps:
skipped rocks:
and soaked it all in:
met up with our friends at Sunnyside (obsessed with this cheap vest i picked up {if you order online, go smaller- this is an XS and has plenty of room, seems bigger than an XS}- so warm! and these):
then went back to our hotel for a little liars dice (loved the vintage cups below):
and then woke up for a big hike to Shirley Lake: 
our friends little trooper needed a lift back down the rocky part of the mountain so she created a lululemon puppy bjorn.  i melted as well as every person who passed us.  cutest thing ever.
feeling accomplished: 
and then we made our way to tahoe city for a boat ride: 
i can't even put into words how gorgeous it was, i'll let the photos speak for themselves: 
made our way back to the fire at the hotel...
and then took one last walk...
hit up the pool, because it was warm!
until next time...
i will miss this view...

*all iPhone photos


  1. wow it is stunning! I have never been but hear amazing things . . . might have to schedule a vacation!

  2. Gorgeous photos Carlee! Looks like you had an amazing time. I need to put that on my list of places to get to someday!

  3. you two look adorable! The views are stunning and I'm dying over the little cavalier!

  4. I love your pictures of Lake Tahoe. I have never been but it is definitely on the bucket list. I am new to your blog but am already loving it!

  5. Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places on Earth. SO beautiful!


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