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After writing the post on organizing denim... I had to go spruce mine up a bit! I couldn't help myself. I was inspired. I had an old vintage box I found on the side of the road in Vermont (when we lived in Boston-  which actually has a really cool background when I looked it up online) and placed it on top of my plastic dresser (ha) in my tiny closet: 

It's perfect!  I put my bootcut/flares on top and skinnies inside.  Placing the lighter ones on bottom since it's now fall: 

Isn't it crazy how 15 minutes and an old box can make a space so much more inspiring and organized?


  1. I think I need to spruce up my denim.

  2. Wow you're quick. I haven't started my reorganization yet but love your tips.

  3. yeah this is definitely something i really need... my jeans compartment of my closet/wardrobe is the absolute worst.

  4. That is a great idea!! I love seeing different ways people used crates. love your blog! plus it makes me miss living in the Bay area. check out my blog when you have time...


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