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+ organize: what you eat

For years I've enjoyed keeping track of what I eat (on and off) in a journal. My concern was never counting calories, but to inspire me to eat healthier. Now that I've gotten older I've noticed that even though I'm working out a lot, I'm not necessarily getting back into shape as quickly as my younger self did (Jenny nailed this subject yesterday- loved her post). Especially because a lot of times if I'm eating healthy, I'm not necessarily thinking about how much fat is in what I consume (even though it's good fat- avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, almonds, etc. -it all adds up).

This past weekend I was talking to a friend that told me about the myfitnesspal app- how it's amazing and really makes you think more about what you eat. I had heard about the app through my sister who was using it months ago, but at that time I was too busy with wedding stuff to actually download it and try. Anyway, if you want a way to keep track of what you eat, this app is too good not to try.

and it's easy to use. you log on, pick your goal weight and then the app gives you a calorie goal for each day:

but the coolest part is the tracking and logging of everything you eat.

it's amazing to see how things add up and I LOVE how it organizes it all for you- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and exercise.

and it has almost everything you can imagine for tracking- even items as obscure as whole foods low fat hummus

and lastly, it holds me accountable for that afternoon cookie I needed, or all that snacking I do while making dinner.

tell me, do you use this app? what do you think of it?


  1. Ha! Funny, I just started using this about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I love it! It holds me accountable so that I actually try to be healthy. And the scanning function for the food input is AMAZING, the only things it hasn't recognized so far are things like pumpkin butter from the local fruit stand. :P

  2. I literally signed up for this minutes before I saw your post on it! I've been looking for extra motivation and an easy way to track healthy eating and exercise habits, so I'm hopeful this will hold me accountable!

  3. I've been using this app for about 6 months and have lost about 17 pounds. The best part of the app is connecting with friends that are using it. I love to see my friend has already burned 500 calories for the day. That gets me off my butt and putting on the running shoes!

  4. I use this ap when I need to get back on track & love it!

    xoxo Shauna

  5. I haven't been using this recently, but I have before and I love it. I was surprised by how easy it was to look up what I was eating and it really helped me to look back over the day and realize the things I could've avoided!

  6. Thanks for this post - I'm desperate to lose a few pounds so I've just downloaded it! Here's hoping it helps!

  7. I just started using this Sept. 1 and I'm in love with it! I've already lost weight and I love just being accountable! You can add me (cblovejoy) and we can motivate if you want... I'm digging it though and I think it's an amazing app!

  8. I love apps like this. I personally use the MyPlate one by Livestrong, and I'd be lost without it!

  9. i used this app a lot last year and absolutely loved it... then forgot about using it for a day and it threw me off balance so i stopped haha!

  10. Just what I needed, after my doctors appointment yesterday where the nurse accidentally typed my weight as 35 plus pounds, after the Doc scolded me for my weight....we then figured out it was a typo and the numbers were transposed. Nonetheless, it has done a number on me and my desire to reduce.
    Accountability is key!


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