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+ friday faves in the city: hillstone- embarcadero

This weeks Friday Fave is...Hillstone on the Embarcadero.  Now, I get it, Hillstone is a chain and typically I am not a chain restaurant kinda gal...but, this Hillstone is special.  Let me tell you why.

+ it is right over the hill from my house (ok, so this doesn't benefit everyone else, but it's a huge perk for me)
+ there is cozy indoor seating with ambiance that you'll keep coming back for:

+ LIVE jazz music every night of the week
+ a roaring fire
+ excellent service- always!
+ you know what you're getting- as in, every time I order my favorite- it's always as good as the first time I ordered it
+ hot towels to wipe your hands down before you eat
+ a clear, concise menu- just enough choices to not make you overwhelmed- something for everyone... meat  lovers (they have one of the best filets), fish peeps and delicious salads for vegetarians
+ and, NO CORKAGE fee for the first bottle or two!
+ the perfect patio to relax on during a warm SF day:

+ and these:

If you share these with me you better keep an eye on the plate.  I've been known to finish more than my share.  Bottom line, we love this place.  One more thing- whatever you do don't whip out your myfitness pal after a meal here!  

 We are off to another wedding this weekend up in Sonoma Valley!
Have a great weekend!

p.s. thank you to Rue La La for picking Deliciously Organized as one of their favorite blogs this week!


  1. I'm going to be in San Fransisco next week and may have to give this place a try. What is your favorite entree to order?

  2. for apps: def. the grilled artichoke
    for meat dishes: the filet and ribs are insane and sub out the side for a loaded baked potato- theirs are delish
    for a salad: the thai steak salad is delicious
    for fish: love the flyin tuna platter, or whatever fish they have on special is always delicious

  3. I love Friday Faves! It is so helpful for someone who's relatively new to the Bay Area and wants to find great places to visit :) Thanks for sharing!


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