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Hide your myfitness pal apps, health journals and put your expandable pants on because if you go to Woodhouse Fish Co. you have to go big or go home.  And when I say go big, I mean go for the Fried Ipswich Clam Roll.

Now before I get into anymore details, allow me to share some background on why I love this nugget so much. Chris & I have a special tie to ipswich clams.  When we order this dish it not only delights our senses, but is overwhelmingly nostalgic.

Before we even moved to Boston I had a third cousin who told us we had to visit the "Clam Box" located in Ipswich for their famous fried clams:

We did as he said and visited several times- and each and every time we waddled back to the car in a blissful clam coma.

can't believe this was taken 2 years ago! time flies...

So imagine our excitement when we were looking for a spot to grab dinner one night before a movie (btw- the SF Kabuki for a movie is the only way to go- you can pick your seat before hand, you can BOOZE while you watch- as in there is a 21+ section that sells wine and beer and... you sit in big bucket seats- but, i digress...) and found the Woodhouse Fish Co. and realized they sold this mouthwatering sandwich.

other reasons why this place made friday faves:

+ their "Hartford Clam Chowder" - Chris & I try to be good (knowing we are about to crush huge fried clam rolls) and share one which ends up being a battle of who can eat the fastest because it's that delicous...a combo of two chowders- 3/4 creamy new england clam chowder and 1/4 tomato manhattan chowder- heaven in a bowl
+ the decor makes you feel like you're right on the water-
+ diy Arnold Palmers at the table- they bring you the goods, you make it yourself
+ convenient before movie spot (see above)
+ the lobster roll and crab roll are also insane

Well, I know what I'm having for dinner.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love Woodhouse! Can't beat $1 oysters on Tuesdays.

    I hear they're opening one near the Marina Green within the next year :)

  2. that's awesome! even closer to my house...

  3. Putting that one on the list too when we come visit in November - yummm!

  4. goodness gracious, is this even real... i want to go right now!


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