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pinterest vs. magazines

Since the addition of pinterest (which I love), I don't find myself browsing magazines nearly as often as pre-pinterest days.  I'll admit, I miss ripping pages out and saving them to an inspiration board {with a big cup of coffee in my hand ;) }. Now with pinterest it seems easier & cheaper to log on & pin what inspires me versus browsing my favorite magazines.  In fact, I've found myself not renewing a lot of my magazine subscrtibions due to this.  

What about you?  
Do you find you still spend as much time flipping through magazines since pinterest has come around?


  1. {I know I'm dating myself}
    Still love it when you get home from a long day at work to find a new mag in the mailbox! It's my treat at the end of the day.
    I love Pinterest and blogs but still enjoy the feel of real paper in my hands to read.

  2. part of me does too! however, i constantly had piles and piles of ripped out pagesd id just stack and forget about. so at least pinterest is all digital. less mess. but i am forgetting about pins,too!

  3. I love pinterest and I pick up a magazine like a rare treat. It is a treat when I have time....that is the time I am not pinning!

  4. I'm in the same boat. In fact I have a stack of magazines (I'm subscribed to Lucky and SELF) to read that go back to April!

  5. I am still such a magazine girl. I still havent even tried Pinterest lol

  6. I do both still but tend to read magazines on my iPad instead of in paper! :)

  7. That's actually true, and I've never thought about it that way. Lucky for the inventors of Pinterest!


  8. I really prefer Pinterest now, just because it helps me organize my thoughts and inspirations so much more easily (and doesn't produce a bunch of physical clutter). I've even found myself wishing there was a way to pin pictures from my iPad edition of InStyle into Pinterest. =)

  9. I am an addict to Pinterest! I think because it is faster and easier to access, but there is nothing like a magazine full of inspiration on every page that is tangible. I still do both but find myself more on Pinterest.
    -Ashley Cooper

  10. oh, carlee. call me old fashioned, but i still adore flipping the pages of my fave glossy mags. cozied up with a big tea, a stack of magazines, and nothing but time... that is a dream.

    while i love pinterest-- more than i probbaly should-- i still enjoy ripping out pages of the mags more.


  11. I think I'm developing the same problem. I love magazines but seem to have a problem now I've really sitting through and looking through an entire one ads and all. It's just easier to search images now! I think I've developed magazine ADD.


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