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bach party in capitola!

We had such a nice trip down to Capitola for my friends bachelorette party.  We ate at delicious spots on the water, sipped lattes in an adorable coffee shop called Mr. Toots, and enjoyed the beautiful house we stayed at on the water.  A few nights we would venture into town to get into a bit of trouble ;)  One night we themed it up and did a Team USA ensemble:
Another night we went to the beautiful Shadowbrook restaurant for apps, drinks and live music. Here we are taking a quick pit stop on top of the hill walking to Shadowbrook and looking down onto our digs for the weekend (red kayak house).
 and of course a photo shoot isn't complete without a "call me maybe" pose.
speaking of the red kayak, a few people took it for a spin:
and wasn't our windmill house adorable? 
at one point the sky looked so dreary, but gorgeous at that same time:
hard to say goodbye to such an enchanting little city! and a group full of awesome ladies!
can't wait for their wedding!


  1. What a fun and colourful place! Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Cheers from London! :)

  2. cute pictures! Love the team USA one haha!


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  5. A friend is having her bachelorette weekend in Capitola this summer - what is the nightlife like? Any recommendations?


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