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friday faves in the city: cafe capriccio

After several requests for a San Francisco city guide, I have decided to start "friday faves in the city" where I will feature some of my favorite spots around town.  Most of my favorites are in North Beach/Telegraph Hill because that's where I live, but I will definitely expand to other parts of the city.  The first stop is my neighborhood coffee shop, Cafe Capriccio.  

This quaint cafe is hidden on Mason street under a red & white striped awning and once you step in, you won't want to leave (any SNL fans out there- how Stefon did that sound?)!  My faves about it:

+ beautiful art in your latte (how lovely are the double hearts above?)
+ customer card ~ purchase 10 coffees, get one free
+ cozy atmosphere
+ mostly locals which makes it feel more like home :)
+ friendly staff
+ ample amount of seating indoors and out
+ free wi-fi & multiple outlets
+ delicious food ~ try the hummus plate


  1. Ooh this is so great! My hubs and I are headed to Napa/San Fran for our first anniversary this fall and neither of us has ever been. If you feel so inclined, please share for faves (or least faves!) in Napa, too :)

  2. great idea for a feature! can't wait to see more... it's always great to see other people's faves in the city.

  3. sounds wonderful, what a pretty latte!

  4. love this idea! if you ever want a "guest" let me know! xo cristin


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